A Perfect Fit

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For this pool and spa project in Bonita Springs, Fla., builder Premier Pools had only 30 feet from the back of the home to the edge of a man-made lake to work with. But Premier managed to fit the features the homeowners wanted, including a vanishing edge, a custom spa and planters — in addition to a sizable pool.

Another challenge the Naples, Fla., builder overcame cropped up halfway through construction. After all the tile had been installed, the interior decorator decided she wanted to use something else. "We had to rip off all the other tile, which looked almost like Chinese jade, and put on this ceramic tile," says James Gilligan, Premier's pool designer. "It was a good decision, though, because this tile really stands out." And, according to Gilligan, the new tile better fits the desired look .

The homeowners didn't want the space to look too casual and tropical, but they also didn't want it to look too traditional and formal. So Gilligan created an aquascape that blends the looks, without emphasizing any one. The result is a free-form pool with both vibrant and more subdued colors. "This pool is more fluid than a traditional, formal look. It's more inviting, more relaxing," says Gilligan.

The pool also features a 6-inch-deep sunshelf that's big enough for a couple of lounge chairs. "This is a very popular feature," says Gilligan. "I would say 85 percent of our customers, once they see that, will want to incorporate some type or sunshelf or tanning ledge."

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