Award-winning Kona Coast residential pool project

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There's no word in the English language to describe the relationship between this pool and its setting. One can describe how they are alike - both are simple, natural and placid - but the connection goes beyond that. It's as if, although one native and wild, and the other man-made, they were both product of a single thought.

A child could see it at once, as did the AQUA judges.

In less metaphysical terms, this AQUA Choice winner is 38 feet long by 27 feet wide, with a zero edge on three sides and an infinity edge on the other. The pool is surrounded by teak decking, with a custom pool plaster color from Concrete Chemicals used to create the unique water hue.

The pool, and its accompanying domicile, reside on the Kona Coast on the island of Hawaii; that's Maui across the waves.

Not only integrated with its Pacific environment, this pool is exceptionally well integrated with the home, from which one moves naturally to the deck and water almost without transition, as if carried by the ocean breeze.

The project was formed completely out-of-ground, as the area is an old lava field. Liquid rock once flowed to the site, where it hardened to form a base for construction. Perhaps that's why this modern liquid vessel seems so at home.

Maui Waterescapes

Category: Concrete pool or pool/spa combo
Project Location: Kahului, Hawaii

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