Award-winning residential pool project in Las Vegas

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The name of the project is "Liquid Window," after the acrylic windowpane that creates the illusion of a solid, self-supporting block of water and provides a unique view below its surface.

What lies below the surface of the entire residential waterscape is a combination of creativity and technical expertise rarely encountered in the pool business. This multi-level, multidimensional 750-square-foot infinity-edge pool features upper and lower sections separated by a 3-inch-thick, 2½-by-14-foot acrylic pane.

Bookends to the acrylic window are two WetFlames water and fire elements - Paragon Pools' own trademarked creations - which rest atop Ledgerstone pillars. The dramatic effect is enhanced with the addition of a raised Ledgerstone partition, where a sheer waterfall gently lays a smooth watery veil over an open fire and cascades into a shallow wet deck.

The partition also features two infinity-edge window cutouts. JandyColors lighting brings radiance to the Ocean Blue, Pebble Sheen interior accented with 1-inch square desert blend glass tile.

The walk-over cement bridge with a 2-foot-by-3-foot acrylic step pad window allows a view of swimmers in the 44-foot swim lane, which merges at one end with the reflection area featuring three pairs of arching, fiber-optic colored Jandy laminar jets.

This project impressed the three AQUA Choice judges - accomplished builders in their own right - more than any other, for its cohesiveness in design. In particular, they noted the creative flair in the conception of the acrylic window and also the practical difficulty in its execution.

Paragon Pools

Category: Concrete pool or pool/spa combo
Project Location: Las Vegas, Nev.

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