Palatial residential pool project in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

0108 122The challenge on this project was to come up with innovative ideas to make the pool the centerpiece of the backyard," says Jim Moss, president of Hop Cassidy Pools, Scottsdale, Ariz. "[The owner's] comment to me at the beginning was, 'I want something totally different. I want some bling. You know, I want it to be wow!'" Wow indeed. The 50- by 50-foot Pebble Sheen-finished pool, made up of multiple swimming and relaxing areas, requires eight 2-horsepower pumps, three 400-squarefoot filter systems and three heaters to operate on a daily basis.

"The upper pool is totally independent from the lower pools in that it has its own cleaning system and its own heating system so that it can be heated up in the wintertime for the kids to play in without having to heat up the 45,000 gallons in the pool," says Moss. "And then the spa has its own heater, as well, so that it can be run and operated 24/7, if that's what the homeowner wants to do." A beautifully crafted cantera-stone bridge integrates all the entities of the waterscape and creates what Moss calls a sophisticated, upscale look.

"The bridge over to the spa was challenging and required special engineering. The goal was to make it not only functional but pleasing to the eye without overpowering the overall look," says Moss.

Complementing the ambiance created by the multimillion dollar home is the marble, cantera stone and fieldstone used throughout the project, not to mention the waterline glass tile that accents each watershape. Moss says the materials were selected to blend the project into the architecture of the home and the surrounding area.

Moss also incorporated fire and water into the project, placing seven firepots and multiple water sheers and fountains throughout. Each set of steps also has bubbler heads. "This is more like a resort," says Moss. "It's the most fabulous pool in the neighborhood, if not Paradise Valley."

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