World's 10 Coolest Hotel Pools

Pool builders see great pools differently than laymen - they see the underlying challenges and know a truly innovative technique from a commonplace one. Still, pool building at its highest level is an art form that anyone can appreciate. For that reason, stunning and intriguing pools are created in the world's top hotels to attract a discerning clientele.

The following 10 pools were selected for their outstanding visual appeal and the imagination used in their creation. While the budgets for these water playgrounds may be larger than you're used to, there may be an idea in there for your next project.

The Villa Mahal#1: The Villa Mahal hotel in Kalkan Bay, Turkey - Rumored to be the most romantic hotel in the world, The Villa Mahal's secluded infinity pool goes a long way to prove the point. Compared to some pools, the simple rectangular shape of the 17-meter infinity-edge pool may not seem that impressive at first glance, but this architectural wonder sets the bar for infinity pools. Its crisp edges truly appear to hang in the sky.

The Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas #2: The Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas - The Atlantis Resort has 11 pools in all including one for adults only, three designed especially for children and seven family pools like the 750,000-gallon Baths Pool with rock columns embellished with hieroglyphs jutting from the water. Another family spot, the Mayan Temple Pool, boasts a zero-entry feature that makes it easy for everyone to walk right into the water.

The Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada#3: The Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada - The "Tank" at the Golden Nugget is as full of action as any blackjack table and is part of the property's recent 30-million-dollar pool complex. In the Tank you can swim through a 200,000-gallon aquarium filled with sharks, stingrays and other menacing sea life-or at least you can swim alongside them, tucked safely behind six inches of clear acrylic. If that's not thrilling enough, the pool also features a 30-foot high water slide.

The Marriot Surfers Paradise Resort, Gold Coast, Australia#4: The Marriot Surfers Paradise Resort, Gold Coast, Australia - The salt water pool at Marriot Surfer Paradise Resort easily makes the list of top ten coolest pools. Surrounded by a man-made beach, this pool is home to several species of tropical fish. It's the perfect place for novice snorkelers to gain confidence, complete with interesting underwater rock formations to explore. At this hotel, you don't have to leave the property to enjoy a great day at the beach.

The Viceroy, Miami, Florida#5: The Viceroy, Miami, Florida - In a state full of elegant swimming pools, one of them had to make the list! The Viceroy spa features a 5,000-square-foot water lounge complete with a reflecting pond, hot and cold plunging pools and a floating library. How cool is that? This may not be one of the cheap hotels you find online but it definitely has the amenities to make the list.

The Observatory Hotel in Sydney, Australia#6: The Observatory Hotel in Sydney, Australia - With so many amazing pools to choose from around the world, it's impressive that two of our top ten hotel pools are in Australia, but the Observatory Hotel's indoor pool is quite a sight to see. The 20-meter, rectangular pool is flanked by modern columns and stylish lounge areas, as well as fiber optic lights that recreate the stars of the southern hemisphere in realistic detail. Not only do swimmers enjoy the swimming under the stars, but as the lights reflect down into the water, it's as though you're swimming through space.

The Amankila Resort, Bali#7: The Amankila Resort, Bali - The Amankila Resort features not one, not two, but three tiered infinity pools. The unique design, made of three separate rectangular pools, sits on the edge of a cliff that overlooks a lapis lazuli-colored sea. The first pool is the largest and the next two decrease in size to create a graceful cascade. All three pools have traditional thatched shelters to protect you from the hot sun as you enjoy the breathtaking view.

San Alfonso del Mar hotel in Chile#8: San Alfonso del Mar hotel in Chile - It's not fair to call the body of water at the San Alfonso del Mar a swimming pool; it's truly a man-made fresh-water lagoon surrounded by several small manmade beaches. While the sheer size is intimidating-it's large enough to sail in-the concept of a fresh-water lagoon is very cool. The property even features an "indoor beach," perfect for year-round enjoyment.

The Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan#9: The Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan - Much like the pool at Villa Mahal, the Park Hyatt's Atrium Pool is cool for its simple elegance. If ever a pool can be sexy, this one is. The Atrium pool is a 20-metre-long lap pool, but at night fluorescent blue, underwater lights propel the humble rectangle of water into a swanky spot for dinner and drinks.

The InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong#10: The InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong - At the InterContinental you can enjoy the hotel's music even while you're underwater in one of their three different pools. Music pipes directly into the pool and the hotel also gives you the option to choose from one cold or two heated pools.

The common denominator in all these pools is imagination, bold design and a commitment to the artistic side of creating water environments. They serve as an inspiration to all builders, whether the market is package pools or custom sculpted masterpieces for the well-to-do.

This guest post was written and provided by Erica Gustafson who is an avid world traveler and freelance writer for Expedia.

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