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Introducing the Next Evolution of the Bravo Functional Training System

Bravo Lift

Truly unique Free Start technology allows you to get into the correct position before the weight is engaged for a natural and effective movement.


• Free Start mechanism allows for 30" of bilateral start position adjustment but always returns the handle to the resting position.
Learn more about the CYBEX Bravo Lift Watch the Video

Bravo Press

Offers the Bravo Progressive Stabilization system and pressing functionality, with fast and easy setup.


• Angled adjusting tube with 21 positions to accommodate user height and movement choice

• Stabilization System adjustable for height
Learn more about the CYBEX Bravo Press Watch the Video

Bravo Pull

Features the same Progressive Stabilization technology as the Press, while accommodating the unique motion of pulling.


• Vertical pulley adjustment with 22 positions

• Overhead lat pull outlets

• Stabilization System adjustable for height and reach

Learn more about the CYBEX Bravo Pull Watch the Video

· 212% increase in load capacity

· 184% increase in core activation

· 38% greater strength gain

* over freestanding cable systems

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