How The Attendant Benefits Everyone

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Take an hour and join AQUA and Poolside Tech for an exploration of a completely new kind of control panel. The Attendant offers significant benefits for builders, servicers and homeowners alike. In this webinar, Poolside Tech Training Manager Keith Roberts will detail the ways this new technology can help your business and your customers. 

Learning Objectives

For decades, a control panel could only speak the language of its manufacturer. The Attendant speaks all equipment languages fluently; it works with any equipment in any configuration. This gives service pros an upgrade/automation solution for all situations, especially for a pad with mixed equipment. It allows builders to think outside the box when selecting manufacturers that are best in class which might have otherwise not been an option to them with other automation systems on the market.

The Attendant offers more than previously unheard-of versatility, it offers entirely new capabilities. This webinar will show you exactly how these capabilities can be used to make your business more profitable. These include:

  • Built-in chemistry management, built-in water leveling, remote equipment diagnostics across manufacturers, and built-in Airbnb mode.
  • Spotify syncing with DMX pool and landscape lighting, having your lights in sync with the beat of your favorite music.
  • Branding opportunities with your company logo and business contact information, reminding your customer that you are one click away.
  • A user-friendly experience for the end user, which includes energy savings and smart temperature controls from an automation system that factors in the weather along with historical performance data to eliminate guesswork of a pool.

Speaker: Keith Roberts, Technical & Training Manager

Keith has been in the pool industry for over 16 years. He started his career in the industry with Hayward Industries. At Hayward, Keith held the position of Technical Training Manager where he worked for eight years teaching continued education classes up and down the East Coast. Keith was also responsible for performing newKeith Roberts Headshot 2023 Poolside Tech2 Hayward employee training. Prior, Keith spent seven years in their call center assisting builders, servicers, distributors, as well as consumers with answering questions regarding the Hayward product line. He and Hayward parted ways in 2022, where Keith then accepted a position with Poolside Tech as a Technical Sales & Training Manager. 

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