Saltwater Pool Troubleshooting – Beyond the Equipment

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Saltwater is a popular choice for sanitizing pools and spas. While saltwater systems offer many benefits and can make pool care easy, there are still some common issues that occur with saltwater chemistry. This course will focus on identifying the cause of common problems that occur in saltwater pools and how to effectively treat these issues. With a focus on water chemistry, not equipment, discussion will center on issues such as lack of chlorine, ph balance, scale formation and cloudy water. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the common water chemistry issues and their causes associated with saltwater pools (not enough chlorine, combined chlorine, pH issues, etc)
  2. Discuss myths and facts pertaining to saltwater pools, and how these impact maintenance and troubleshooting             
  3. Discuss troubleshooting options, treatment, and prevention of common chemistry issues in saltwater pools.

Presented by: Alicia Stephens, Director of Training and Education 

Speaker bio:

In her 24 years at Biolab, Alicia began her career with the Customer Care Group before moving on to the Technical Services Team to focus on new product support3 Alicia Stehens Hr Cropped 4 integration and technical product support, including customer training and education. In 2006, Alicia transitioned to the role of Education Manager for Biolab and has focused her efforts on the education and training of both internal and external employees. You may have read one of the many articles Alicia has had published or attended one of her talks at an industry event. Now, as Director of Training and Education, Alicia leads all education and training initiatives for the Biolab Pro Dealer division and is based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Sponsor: BioLab

BioLab, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of swimming pool and spa waterBiolab Kik Logo Large Png treatment products. A division of KIK Consumer Products based in Lawrenceville, GA, BioLab is a known innovator in the North American, Australian, European, and South African markets, was the first to pioneer computerized water analysis for professional dealers and retailers. BioLab features many key industry water care brands: BioGuard®, Natural Chemistry®, SpaGuard®, SeaKlear®, Pro Series®, ProGuard®, Spa Essentials® and Aquapill™.

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