Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

22 Aq Webinar Mcc 0124

Learning Objectives:

·      Credit Card Processing Ecosystem

·       Types of Credit Card Merchant Fees

·       Different Credit Card Processing Pricing Structures

·       How To Lower Credit Card Merchant Fees

Presented by: Matt Rej, Managing Partner for Merchant Cost Consulting Headshot

Speaker Bio: Matt is the managing partner of Merchant Cost Consulting and has been since 2017. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, MCC has been exposing the payments industry since 2016 to help bring transparency to business to ensure they are on the most competitive pricing applicable to their needs. The typical cost savings MCC achieve its clients ranges from 20-60% on the total fees they currently pay, often without the hassle of making any changes to their current setup. Matt is proficient in interchange Optimization, Pin Debit Card Routing, Payment Processor Service Markup analysis, and MCC Interchange categorization.

About the Sponsor: Merchant Cost Consulting saves businesses up to 60% on their merchant service costs, often without the hassle of changing their existing provider. Whether you are looking to work with a new provider or to negotiate your current plan, MCC will guide you through your processing agreements and statements. MCC ensures you are truly receiving the best service and most cost effective rate for your business. MCC's experts manage and police your account and ensure your business processes credit cards at the lowest possible cost.

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