Closing Time: 2020 Winterizing Product Focus

Oee 820 Aq Loop Loc Tile

The bittersweet end of each pool season is an important time to soak up summer's last good swims and make sure next season's are even better. Of course, the right winterizing methods will depend on geography. But no matter what, closing products can protect pools from the effects of the off-season and make it easier to open up again, saving both time and money. Stay worry-free and one step ahead during the cooler, darker months with the protection and prevention offered by this selection of pool-closing products.



Oee 820 Aq Loop Loc Sm

LOOP-LOC is pleased to introduce Deck-Loc, a no-drill anchoring system for composite decks. Users can install a pool cover on composite decking without drilling a single hole, according to the company. Deck-Loc anchors secure in seconds by simply turning the clamps until they lock under the deck boards. Removing this product for storage leaves the pool deck unscarred. Deck-Loc is made from corrosion-resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steel. | (800) LOC-LOOP



Ouu 819 Aq Nturl Chmstry Sm

Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry's Hassle Free Kit contains two products that set pools up for simple openings. Pool Magic + Phosfree uses naturally based enzymes to break down leftover nonliving waste from pool season and reduce off-season scum lines. The newly updated kit box also contains Metal Free to control metal staining and scale through the winter without adding problem-causing phosphates. | (800) 753-1233



Oyy 819 Aq Rmc Pl Pint Sm

Ramuc Pool Paint
Ramuc's Clean & Prep solution is the perfect product to clean pool surfaces before closing to ensure pool walls are clean and ready for faster openings in the spring. Designed to remove all oils, debris and other contaminants that form on the pool surface during the season, Clean & Prep efficiently cleans and degreases while simultaneously dissolving mineral deposits. It can be used on painted surfaces, bare plaster, concrete, gunite or fiberglass. VOC compliant, odor and fume free and biodegradable. Made in the U.S. | (800) 745-6756



Omm 820 Aq Mc Ewen Sm

McEwen Industries
McEwen Super Solid is the strongest and most puncture-resistant solid cover fabric, the company says. Surprisingly, this durable material makes for a lighter weight cover than traditional solid cover fabrics, which saves time and makes cover installation and removal easier. It is available in green, blue, tan and gray colors. | (704) 365-8070



Ott 819 Aq Jcks Mgic Prdcts Sm

Jack's Magic Products
Jack's Magic Super Pacs are a dry, natural multi-enzyme that prevent the buildup of suntan lotions, oils, grease and other organic contaminants that can lead to scum lines in pools and spas. They work exceptionally well in high chlorine levels — up to 50 ppm without loss of performance. This phosphate-free product also improves filter efficiency, reduces chemical usage and helps prevent dull hazy water. One ounce treats 20,000 gallons of pool water in two weeks. Just drop the water soluble pouch in the skimmer basket for easy application. | (800) 348-1656



Ott 812 Aq Th Cvr Cmpny Sm

The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs and "E-Z adjust" locking pieces for quick installation. For extra durability, the Cover Company uses Tenara thread made by Gortex in high-stress points. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles, are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote fax or email a drawing. | (908) 707-1122



5 J 719 Aq Merlin Industries Sm

Merlin Industries
Merlin's standard mesh Dura-Mesh II has the best combination of sunlight shading, abrasion resistance, tear strength and burst strength, the company says. In addition, the patented SmartMesh safety cover is the first and only mesh material to provide 100 percent shade from sunlight and offer 40 micron filtration of debris. | (800) 289-1836



Orr 819 Aq Atmtc Pl Cvrs Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers offers the exclusive APC 365 — a high-performance automatic safety cover system specifically for vinyl-lined pools. The system uses a coping and housing design that allows an automatic cover to be integrated into the pool. Designed for ease of installation by using a 48-by-48-inch encapsulated coping and wall cap corner to provide a 100% accurate fit. APC 365 System uses a slide-on polybox housing that saves installers hours of time and keeps the housing's lid perfectly flush with the deck. | (800) 878-5789



Occ 820 Aq Gizzmo Sm

The Ultra Gizzmo features the sealed air cushion of the original Gizzmo combined with a built-in blowout tube. The integral blowout tube provides the option to use the Ultra Gizzmo as a suction line extension to clear filter lines without lowering pool water levels. The air cushion inside the Ultra Gizzmo is designed to protect skimmers by absorbing the expansion of winter freeze-up. | (802) 655-8941



Ohh 820 Aq Tara Liners Safety Covers Sm

Tara Liners
HD Mesh safety covers by Tara Liners combine the light-blocking benefits of solid covers with the lightweight convenience of mesh covers. This product weights 7.1 ounces and features tightly-woven polypropylene mesh that prevents algae-causing sunlight and filters debris. HD Mesh covers have double-layer webbing construction and heavy-duty springs for maximum protection. Available in green, blue and tan colors. | (866) 725-8272



SeaKlear's Pool Opening and Winterizing Kit is an all-in-one merchandise box with products able to treat up to 20,000 gallons of pool water. The kit includes SeaKlear Free and Klear, SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention and Remover and SeaKlear Metal Klear. These products remove phosphates, reduce oil and control scum lines, and control algae and metals. The Pool Opening and Winterizing Kit box sides can be flipped to promote both opening and closing. | (800) 753-1233



Kkk 820 Aq Water Tech Sm

The Water Tech Precision 2.0 is a pool-cleaning tool featuring a high capacity debris chamber and a powerful water tech engine. This product includes a flexible vacuum head with polyurethane ball-bearings designed for gunite pools, as well as a standard vacuum head for vinyl pools. The Water Tech Precision 2.0 works independently from the pool filtration system, eliminating the need for hoses and cords. Two batteries are included, each providing up to an hour of run time. | (800) 298-8800



Obb 820 Aq Anchor Industries Sm

Anchor Industries
Anchor's Defender mesh and Standard mesh pool covers feature webbing sewn on the bottom of each cover. This detail provides supportive strength and a flat, smooth surface to help keep debris from collecting on the pool cover during winters. Mesh pool covers are self-draining, removing water from the cover all winter long. The Defender Mesh pool cover is designed to reduce chemical loss from pool water, block debris from entering the water and keep kids or animals from falling in. | (800) 255-5552



Iii 820 Aq Anderson Manufacturing Sm

Anderson Manufacturing Company
The Big Blue Blower provides 140 cfm of back pressure at zero inches and 100 cfm at 100 inches. The "infinity brush" motor comes in a compact, durable housing and includes a high efficiency cooling system. Rated for 1,500 hours of use, the Big Blue Blower is strong enough to blow out main drains and multiple return lines in seconds, according to the company. This product can be used with Winter Duck Plugs to winterize plumbing without draining water. | (800) 348-1316



Odd 820 Aq Haviland Sm

Haviland's Winter Guard Anti-Freeze was created to provide an affordable anti-freeze solution for pool plumbing and equipment. Formulated specifically to provide the same freeze-burst protection provided by glycol and glycol-alcohol based anti-freezes. Ideal for use when winterizing pools, this product can be added directly into pool water without any adverse effects. Made in the U.S. | (800) 333-0400



Oxx 819 Aq Pro Team Sm

ProTeam Winter Mix offers a simple, one-step product to help protect pool surfaces from staining and scaling over the winter. The new and improved formula features ProTeam Sub-Zero Crystals for added protection against common winterizing problems and provides added water softeners that make pool openings easier. It treats up to 15,000 gallons with a single application. | (800) 333-0400



Oqq 819 Aq Aqua Grp Sm

AQUA Group
AQUA Group says this is the only blow out plug you'll ever want. When pressure is applied, the bungee strap stretches to allow water or air to flow freely. When pressure is relieved, the bungee strap instantly retreats and seals with a unique triple O-ring seal. The technology is so reliable, it can even be used as a hydrostatic relief valve at any depth, the company says. | (800) 492-9563



Off 820 Aq Nature's Care Sm

Nature's Care
Nature's Care Open-Close is an environmentally friendly concentrated enzyme formulation ideal for use during pool closings. This product naturally treats water to prevent waterline rings and staining that may form during the off-season. Open-Close also helps keep liners supple and protects other vulnerable surfaces from decay. Biodegradable and non-toxic, this product is proudly made in the U.S. Compatible with all sanitizing systems and water additives. | (800) 333-0400



Ooh 817 Aq Glip Pro Sm

GLI Pool Products
All GLI custom safety covers are now branded with a laser-etched, stainless-steel tag with the option of including your company's contact information. Personalize up to four lines, specifically tailored for your business. No more worrying about lost sales or service business when homeowners move: the new owners will be able to easily find where the cover came from. Plus, these tags will include the cover's born-on date and a reorder number for GLI's design team to use as a reference for replacements. | (800) 448-2343



Bbb 819 Aq Sim Pool Tec Sm

Everyone knows saving millions of gallons of water is good for the environment. Pool professionals also know that when winterizing, the less water drained from the pool, the less damage there will be to liners, fiberglass pools and winter covers. Skimmer Plugs provide all of these benefits with a quick, reliable and affordable method of winterizing above and inground skimmers. The Skimmer Plug creates a watertight seal when inserted into the skimmer's existing faceplate — no water loss, no tools, no time wasted. They are available to fit all skimmers with displays and sales materials to help you sell more Plugs. | (800) 630-2456



Ook 816 Aq Aladdin Sm

Available in five different models, the SkimSaver Lid'L Seal fits most popular standard and wide-mouth aboveground and inground skimmers. The Lid'L Seal allows you to drain the skimmer, not the pool, protecting metal pool walls from corrosion year round. In addition, the recessed lid is designed to prevent shifting ice from removing the lid and causing costly freeze damage to the skimmer. The optional Skimmer Guard is available for use during the summer season as well. | (941) 371-3732



Jjj 820 Aq Meyco Sm

Meyco Pool Covers
MeycoLite mesh covers can fit pools of all shapes and sizes. These covers have a generous weave that eliminates the need to pump off dangerous surface water, the company says. MeycoLite allows water to drain through the cover so that leaves simply dry up and blow away. This product requires minimal winter care and is available in five different colors: green, blue, black, mocha and gray. | (800) 446-3926



Pf Winter Rayner Covering Systems Sm

Rayner Covering Systems
Rayner offers free measuring and will install safety pool covers for a nominal charge. Rayner guarantees a perfect fit. The dealer simply bills the homeowner direct while Rayner takes all the responsibility for measurements, fabrication and fit. | (800) 648-0757



Oll 820 Aq Cover Pools Sm

Cover-Pools has broadened its selection of pool covers with an expanded T4 lineup, featuring the T4 Versa and T4 Spa automatic cover systems. Features include adjustable end hubs for varying cover roller tube lengths, an adaptable reel diameter and easy-to-install adjustable mounting bracketry that can be shifted for proper positioning. Both T4 Versa and T4 Spa offer greater versatility with a smaller mechanism and motor footprint, enabling them to be discreetly hidden beneath 14-inch coping to accommodate the sleek lines of modern pool designs as well as stand-alone spas. | (800) 447-2838



4 I 414 Aq Sm

Aquamatic Cover Systems
Since 1980, Aquamatic Cover Systems has provided peace of mind to families around the world with both the Hydramatic hydraulic automatic and EZ-Cover manual safety swimming pool and spa covers, the company says. Both covers are third-party verified (by UL) to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety and satisfy pool barrier codes throughout the US and Canada. | (800) 262-4044


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