Powering Success: 2023 Business Software Product Focus

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Daily routines can be disrupted by various challenges such as communication breakdowns, billing errors and scheduling issues. Fortunately, there's a solution in the form of pool and spa business software, which leverages technology to enhance team organization and communication. In the following section, we'll focus on a selection of business software products available in today's market.





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RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Mobile Live is designed specifically for pool and spa retailers and service companies.

Mobile Live Retail provides fast service to customers with helpful features to work the floor with inventory look-ups and instant access to customer history and profiles. It also has a retail Line Buster feature, mobile inventory look-ups and instant access to customer history and profiles. Pool and spa retailers can use a tablet, integrated magnetic strip reader, and pocket barcode scanner to complete sales transactions, process credit cards and email receipts from any spot on the retail floor or even in the parking lot.

Mobile Live Service is easy to use in the field and is a big time-saver back at the office. Service techs can easily view Scheduled Jobs along with the Customer's Information — including equipment profiles, job notes, directions and pictures on record. With RB Mobile Live Service, techs have immediate access to all updates done at the office, and the office is instantly updated with a tech's work in the field. Mobile Live eliminates service forms, allows techs to record pool or spa water test results, take payments at the jobsite, look up inventory and do physical inventory on their truck, all on a phone or tablet. Mobile Live Service also gives techs the ability to leave an electronic "door hanger" for clients with before and after pictures of their services and water.
rbretailandservicesolutions.com | (866) 933-9099





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Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry now offers a FREE professional app to provide complete water analysis and storage of customer information in the palm of your hand! The Pro Series Pool & Spa app helps pros determine a customized water treatment plan for specific problems including algae, cloudy water, staining, phosphate issues and so much more. In addition to water analysis and solutions, the app allows pros to create customer accounts to add photos and notes, as well as store and share historical water testing information.


  • Water analysis
  • Treatment solutions
  • Customer information and note storage (including photos of equipment, the pool, the yard, etc.)
  • Water testing history storage and sharing if desired

naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233





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Pool Brain
Pool Brain is a leading pool company software platform for small, medium and large businesses. A modern "all-in-one" solution built by industry experts to solve industry-specific challenges. Pool Brain automates and streamlines everything to give you more time, more money and less stress.


  • Customer management (CRM), service levels, equipment tracking, multiple bodies of water and customer portal
  • Quotes and jobs, scheduling and route optimization, auto-create filter/salt cell clean jobs
  • Proof of service emails, customer feedback built in, send using your own email domain
  • Automatic or on-demand billing — invoices, payments and refund processing and management directly built in
  • Optional Quickbooks online two-way auto-sync (not required for billing)
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android) works with no signal — guided workflows, items can't be skipped, forgotten or cheated — chem reading/dosing history graphs, issue reports, gallonage calculator and chemical auto-dosing
  • Technician scorecards that monitor customer satisfaction and technician stats
  • Technician pay tracking (including commissions for route stop visits, completed jobs and sales)
  • Alerts dashboard automatically detects potential issues so you can take action before they become problems
  • Interactive graphs and charts, auto-track chem usage/costs, route profit report

poolbrain.com | (602) 351-6657





7 G 1023 Aq Pf Pool Manager Robot Lg

Pool Office Manager
Pool Office Manager is a great seasonal software for pool companies! Efficiently manage your company from sending quotes, scheduling jobs and syncing with QuickBooks to get paid. Streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.


  • Optimize single or reoccurring routes
  • Real-time dispatching
  • GPS tracking
  • Mobile app that works offline
  • Customizable chemistry calculator
  • 360-sync with QuickBooks
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • Send quotes customers can digitally sign and accept
  • Customize each job's checklist
  • Require and/or send pictures to clients after service
  • Equipment tracking and pictures
  • Fully customizable reporting

poolofficemanager.com | (614) 710-0074





7 K 1023 Aq Pf Gps Trackit Robot Lg

GPS Trackit
GPS Trackit is a leading provider of All-In-One Fleet Management Solutions, delivering a wide range of ready-to-use AI cloud-based fleet telematics and video solutions. With more than 12,000 customers and 20-plus years in business, GPS Trackit's cutting-edge force multiplier tech tools have been consistently developing innovations that deliver reliable, real-time information, empowering customers through visibility to optimize their operations. Ultimately, this saves costs and drives growth/safety across their organizations.


  • Complete visibility through mobile apps to track and know where your assets, equipment and vehicles are anytime, anywhere
  • Open software platform (OPEN API) allows for integrations with other software solutions such as billing and payroll systems
  • Monitor real-time data: obtain accurate data to make better and more educated decisions, measure growth or highlight areas that need improvement
  • Improved route density, helping you to get more jobs done in a day and, at the same time, deliver a higher-quality service to your customers
  • Protection: recover lost or stolen vehicles, set geofences and remote main power disconnects
  • Reduce accident risks and monitor driver performance
  • Prevent and stop after-hours moonlighting or theft with pre-set alerts customized to your specifications and times
  • Optimized workforce: monitor and streamline labor costs, cutting them up to 35%, meanwhile tracking billable hours with reports customized to your business needs, including time on-site and vehicle activity
  • More working hours: track the maintenance of your vehicles and set up alerts
  • Live traffic and weather updates, helping with journey plans
  • Cost savings: increase your fuel efficiency, save time by easily automating the reports and save on insurance rates
  • Relationship and customer service enhancer tool: GPS Trackit customers report an improvement of 38% in their own customer service times providing ETA-based, on-time arrivals

gpstrackit.com | (866) 320-5810





7 I 1023 Aq Pf Paythepoolman Robot Lg

Paythepoolman is a comprehensive software platform that merges functionality and efficiency, which saves you time and gets you paid faster. They offer features that include bidding out new clients, maintaining and managing current clients, billing, routing, chemical tracking/charging, expense management and more — all within an easy-to-use program.


  • Auto-billing for invoicing
  • Quick customer onboarding — send link directly to current/potential customers to get information on requested service or repair
  • Credit card charging
  • Expense management — P&L reports, sales tax report and more
  • Route management for service and repairs
  • Route optimization
  • Customer dashboard includes equipment records, gate codes, special notes, repairs, service history, photos/videos and more
  • Tech/employee management and accountability
  • Fleet manager — techs are assigned a vehicle, system sends alerts for vehicle service and maintenance, speed alert settings
  • Customer Facing App for service records, invoicing and payments with direct-push notifications
  • Simple and fast user functions
  • Water analysis and chemical tracking
  • Available on Apple and Android with offline capabilities in poor cell service areas
  • Maximizes efficiency in the field and office with consistent feature upgrades and additions

paythepoolman.com | (951) 234-5166





7 M 1023 Aq Pf Ccei Pool Robot Lg

CCEI USA offers its Vigipool app to provide pool professionals with an easy-to-sell and easy-to-install automation and pool management system for pool owners and service professionals. This app universe uses a simple interface to allow users to automate the temperature, lighting, filtration, pumps and pool water chemistry, all from a smartphone. Ideal for pool professionals who want to offer their clients a comprehensive yet intuitive system.


  • Remotely monitoring their pools and pool routes
  • Can have more foresight into maintenance planning, ensuring a longer lifespan for the pool
  • Allow for remote customer support, meaning homeowners can have true 'white-glove' service, irrespective of the pool professionals location

ccei-pool.com | (424) 800-2191
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