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Eeziblue is a monthly pool additive that utilizes a patented CuZn Synergy formula, combining copper and zinc to effectively eliminate and prevent algae growth. It can be used as a monthly treatment or a quick fix for green pools. It is designed to be used in chlorine or saltwater pools as an algaecide, bactericide, phosphate remover and water clarifier and can help reduce chlorine usage by up to 75%. Eeziblue also makes pool water more resilient to extreme weather changes and can help to reduce the number of mid-cycle maintenance visits, making it the perfect pool multitool for the pool pro. | (832) 495-4442





Betta is proud to provide a product line of exclusive robotic pool cleaners. Betta robotic skimmers have a long, 30-plus running time with a full solar power charge; a large debris basket with fine mesh catches leaves, tiny insects and animal hair. The cleaners work with saltwater pools and run quietly. | (888) 692-3882





Power Step
PowerStep, the double-wide spa step and trusted name in spa accessories, is delighted to unveil the stylish Black PowerStep. Responding to increasing demand for black spa covers among retailers, this new color seamlessly merges style with functionality and aligns the PowerStep with the current trend of spa and hot tub accessories in the industry for 2024. Holding up to 800 pounds, the PowerStep is made of high-impact plastic with a UV inhibitor to protect against the sun's harmful rays. | (949) 996-1640





Home Port Computer
Home Port Water Testing's new Sales Order System streamlines your sales process by generating sales slips seamlessly within the BufferZone pool/spa water testing software. Conveniently accept cash, check or process credit card payment. Also, the Sales Order System can integrate with QuickBooks accounting software and LightSpeed POS. Your inventory is automatically adjusted after processing the sales order in either accounting system. Best of all, this entire feature is free when using BufferZone and Paystri credit card processing together, making your transactions smooth and cost-effective. | (866) 275-0547





CPI - Champlain Plastics
Filtrapodz by CPI is for any pools and spas. Filtrapodz catch debris as small as 3 microns. It is a chemical-free, effortless filtration solution for crystal clear water. It is reusable, non-toxic and eco-friendly made from 100% polyester. It is laboratory tested and approved. Simply place Filtrapodz in the skimmer basket to relieve the strain on pool or spa filtration systems. *Proper chemical balance must be respected at all times. | (800) 660-4135





RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Retail & Service Solutions has made it simple for pool professionals to pass along credit card fees using new functionality that has been added to its popular SmartPay integration. In today's retail market, it has become very popular to pass along credit card fees to consumers and RB's Smart Pay now makes it easy to do so. Pool and spa professionals simply determine what percentage of each transaction to charge customers (between 0 and 4%) as a 'Program Fee' in the Smart Pay business software module. Once a value is entered, when an electronic payment method is used, RB will automatically calculate a 'Program Fee' to be added to a transaction total based on the specified rate. This allows retailers to pass along this cost to increase profits, quickly and automatically! It is important to note that pool and spa professionals must follow guidelines set by law and card issuers when setting up this system. To learn more about this 'Program Fee' functionality, set up a demonstration by visiting the company's website. | (866) 933-9099





Valor boasts the strongest TORNADO suction system in the industry and an innovative TRIDENT Vision Radar System for 3D mapping and stain identification. Adaptable to various terrains, pool shapes, and sizes, Valor cleans floors, walls, and waterlines. With a long battery life, multiple cleaning modes, app connectivity, and safety features, Valor offers a superior pool cleaning experience.



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