June 2023 New Pool & Spa Products

Poolside by CGT is pleased to offer another new pattern for 2023 called Harlo Ocean Midnight. Read the full product description below.
Poolside by CGT is pleased to offer another new pattern for 2023 called Harlo Ocean Midnight. Read the full product description below.

Product of the Month: The Power Step
New for 2023! Elevate your spa experience with The Power Step Spa Stair. Fits most 5-foot, or larger, spas for a better look. Made and designed in the United States. Sturdy construction, holds up to 800 pounds. Two versions: integrated solar lighting and standard. Non-slip molded treads and tough construction. Embedded, UV-stable material to weather any conditions year in and year out.
uqorders.com | (949) 996-1640





Lyon Financial
Lyon Financial offers unsecured outdoor living financing options with terms up to 30 years and single-loan amounts up to $200,000. There are no prepayment penalties or consulting fees for homeowners and absolutely no costs for pool professionals to offer financing to their clients. Builders are paid directly, in stages, ensuring payment on time and in full. Lyon's affordable loan options help builders close more deals.
lyonfinancial.net | (877) 754-5966





Cable-free and ready to clean from the floor to the waterline in 2.5 hours or less, Polaris FREEDOM is powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery; offering exceptional cordless cleaning performance and convenience for pool owners who prefer not to have a cable extending across their yard or a hose in the pool. Whether at home or away, the Wi-Fi-enabled Polaris FREEDOM connects with the iAquaLink app — the industry's highest-rated pool equipment control app, the company says. Featuring a selection of four cleaning modes, Polaris FREEDOM offers enhanced flexibility for cleaning when time is a factor. For more efficient cleaning and easy operation, the FREEDOM comes standard with Polaris' one-of-a-kind Double Helix brush design that enhances debris collection by channeling dirt towards the vacuum inlet as it scrubs a pool's surface, powerful Cyclonic Vacuum technology, and a large filter canister with a transparent lid.
polarispool.com | (800) 822-7933





Natural Current
At Natural Current, energy independence, true sustainability and sun-powered high-speed pump gpm water flow are prioritized to maintain strong water circulation and filtration safety. SunRay pumps are a zero-utility energy-based solution that exceeds all new laws and regulations, making them the best sustainable off-the-grid solution. Conventional utility-powered AC VS pumps have significant drawbacks, including slow pumping during the day, leading to stagnant water, chemical evaporation and algae growth, the company says. This results in poor water quality and high energy bills. Ignoring these issues is not an option.
naturalcurrent.com | (855) 372-8467





Waters Choice
The Waters Choice Start-Up Kit contains everything you need to start up and care for a spa for seven months. Simply add one full bottle of NSF-certified Pure Enzymes for Spas, balance pH and alkalinity, and add minimal sanitizer. After the first month, add one tiny capful of Spa Concentrate every other week – that's it! No shock, clarifier or other harsh chemicals. This comprehensive, all-natural enzyme treatment for a spa is cost effective and simple to use.
waterschoice.com | (208) 949-2800





Aqua Creek Products
The new Revolution XL Deep Draft Pool Lift features a more sleek direct drive motor, effectively minimizing the footprint while simultaneously increasing versatility, giving it Aqua Creek's biggest water draft and setback ranges yet. This battery-operated pool lift is solar compatible, handcrafted with stainless steel components, and available in your choice of powder coat colors. Backed by a standard, five-year limited warranty.
aquacreekproducts.com | (406) 549-0769





Float Factory
Float Factory is set out to end boring days in the water. Float Factory brings an unconventional touch to the industry with its new line, The Fast Collection. The Fast Collection floats capitalizes on the dramatic rise in motorsport popularity in the United States. These floats are pre-selling with the option of purchasing their patent-pending "Hydro Motor," a rechargeable, remote control motor that enables the floats to zoom around the pool. The Prancing Horse, The AMSpeed and The Racing Bull are all included in the collection. The Fast Collection is available to shop now, exclusively at Float Factory.





Magic Plastics
QwikLED was created because of a demand for new LED lighting in older pools. LEDs are cost-effective, saving pool owners up to 80% on pool lighting costs. LEDs are energy efficient and can last up to 20 times longer than your old energy-consuming pool light. Plus, they are aesthetically more appealing because of the wide variety of multicolored LED options they provide. Now with QwikLED, we can make these benefits of LEDs a reality for all pool owners.
magicplastics.com | (661) 257-4485





Poolside by CGT
Poolside by CGT is pleased to offer another new pattern for 2023 called Harlo Ocean Midnight — a modern, textured tile border design with an easy-going yet sophisticated style. Printed on a white liner material and using a wide range of blue hues, the tiles have a three-dimensional look that pairs perfectly with a floor design that imitates the looks of gunite. This pattern is enhanced with the company's exclusive aquafinish protective topcoat that provides superior chemical resistance and industry-leading UV protection. Harlo Ocean Midnight is the perfect complement to any modern architectural outdoor living space and will make the pool water sparkle.
poolsidebycgt.com | (519) 623-1633





SWIM SPA Rx is specifically formulated for today's swim spa, keeping your water enhanced, moisturized and fresh. Along with a pleasant aromatherapy — masking unwanted chemical odors — each application of Swim Spa Rx enhances your entire swim or soak experience. Infused with water soluble vitamins and extracts, along with skin moisturizing boosters. Protect your skin from the adverse effects of chemicals.
| (805) 553-0820


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