April 2023 New Pool & Spa Products

Read about RB Retail & Service Solutions software below.
Read about RB Retail & Service Solutions software below.


Product of the Month: Beluga Pool Solutions
The newly designed Beluga Solar Pool Heater is sure to meet the needs of all aboveground and inground pool owners looking to save on their pool heating bills. The new design allows for use with larger-sized pumps and increases the durability and sustainability of the unit. Other new features include: a reinforced cap to prolong the life of the unit; a streamlined body style for smooth water flow; a new tab adjusted flow for easier adjustment when in use; a new screw-on cap with no blow off, secure fit.
belugapool.com | (517) 627-6911





Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
The new Paddling Paws option for vinyl liners is an upgrade for the walls and steps of the liner. This option features a liner that is 30 mil thickness and has a unique topcoat designed to hide any scratch marks. Paddling Paws is also made using ReNew vinyl, the first high-performance pool vinyl to be certified as a sustainable product, the company says. Paddling Paws is available on Ocean Wave and on the new Sundara liner patterns.
tarapools.com | (256) 367-0065





King Technology
Cloudy hot tub water? Hard-to-manage spa water? Test and troubleshoot hot tub problems and water care issues 24 hours a day, every day with the FROG Water Care app. The app features step-by-step instructions, how-to videos, purchasing power and curbside pickup. The only app that locks dealers to consumers and connects directly if needed, says the company. Helps everyone find easier ways to take care of their hot tub water. It's all free when you download the FROG Water Care app.
frogproducts.com | (800) 222-0169





Kingsley Bate
The Tortola collection by Kingsley Bate has wide expanses and uninterrupted lines that highlight its grand proportions. Frames are crafted from rustproof aluminum wrapped in premium all-weather wicker, and the feet are made of Grade-A teak. The collection includes traditional lounge seating and a sectional.
kingsleybate.com | (703) 361-7000






NeuTerra Lighting
NeuTerra Lighting offers smart and innovative solutions with its resin-coated waterproof pool and outdoor lighting. Their patented fittings are suitable for new constructions, retrofits and remodels of all pool types. This "Bring the Party Outdoors" ecosystem uses advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware to sync lighting to music from a nearby speaker. All NeuTerra lights are easily controlled through a free mobile app that is compatible with Alexa and Google smart home systems. NeuTerra also boasts the first and only smart inground pool light on the market, along with their new inground replacement light that fits any pool or spa niche light.
neuterralighting.com | (972) 799-3400





Poolside by CGT
Poolside by CGT is pleased to offer another new pattern for 2023 called Carnival — a design that celebrates summer with lively colors in a playful mosaic print. Printed on pale blue liner material, this pattern uses a range of blue hues accented by touches of gold arranged to look like hand-laid, mosaic tiles. This pattern is enhanced with the company's exclusive aquafinish protective topcoat that provides superior chemical resistance and industry-leading UV protection. Carnival will give any pool an inviting feel with a rich blue, water hue.





Balconies, patios and decks are one of the most coveted spaces for outdoor living, but how do you spice up décor without losing square footage? Optimized for photography and engineered to last five years or up to 10 years or more, ChromaLuxe's high-performance outdoor photo panels bring even the smallest details to life. ChromaLuxe Outdoor Metal Prints offer incredible image quality, depth and color, and they retain their original gloss. ChromaLuxe Outdoor Metal Prints can withstand outdoor elements because their UV-resistant panels were designed for direct exposure to sunlight.
chromaluxe.com | (502) 491-1461





H2O Massage Systems
Produce more revenue for your business by offering more wellness products to your clients! Introducing the dry therapeutic water massage bed manufactured by H2o Massage Systems. This product is a great addition to any home wellness gym or center. When you are designing your clients' backyard dreams with a pool or spa, this would be a great addition for the client, with many therapeutic benefits. You can also target a new market for your senior clients, as the massage bed is easy for them to use. They can enjoy a hydrotherapy massage while staying fully clothed and not getting wet. At the touch of a button, the customer can customize their water massage and pinpoint specific body areas — neck, back, thighs, full body, or any sequence they wish. The customer is in full control of their massage and can adjust from low intensity to high intensity easily.
h2omassage.com | (866) 783-0668 | (204) 783-0668





RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Retail & Service Solutions software now offers a fully integrated construction software solution designed specifically for pool and outdoor living builders. This unique module tracks construction costs, inventory, and the actual progress of jobs. Builders can track ongoing construction costs and physical job progress. Create contracts, view bid price versus actual costs to manage variances and perform progress billings. Control variance with side-by-side comparison of bid versus actual costs. Track subcontractor costs along with your own labor, inventory and expenses, and then send invoices directly to QuickBooks accounts payable. Ensures building projects stay on track and profitable. Call for demo.
rbretailandservicesolutions.com | (866) 933-9099





The perfect way to open pools, ProTeam now offers Quick Shock to help pool pros start pools off fresh this season. The fast-dissolving stabilized chlorine granules in this product quickly destroy algae and bacteria. Quick Shock comes in convenient pre-measured 1-pound bags — making it easy to add 1 pound for every 10,000 gallons of water while the pump is running. The perfect way to start up and shock pool water. The 1-pound bags come in 12 per case. Made in the United States.
proteampoolcare.com | (800) 333-0400


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