November 2022 New Pool & Spa Products

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Hayward Pool Products
Hayward Holdings recently introduced the TriStar XL high-performance pump. The XL model is Hayward’s most powerful residential pump, providing commercial-grade performance geared specifically toward larger pools, feature-rich builds and complex pool pad configurations. With its impressive WEF efficiency rating score, it provides pool owners with significant savings on their annual energy bills, the company says. Among other features, the TriStar XL leverages its unions and extra-large strainer basket for more power and flow. Beyond its sheer size and power, TriStar XL boasts an array of versatile features to benefit larger pool pads. The XL model is equipped with a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor, dual-voltage capability, and a chemical-resistant Viton seal — and it’s built for seamless compatibility with Hayward’s Omni automation platform. | (908) 355-7995





Polaris, A brand of Fluidra
Polaris is going beyond residential with the introduction of its first-ever line of commercial robotic cleaners. The Polaris VORTRAX 30iQ and VORTRAX 25iQ robotic pool cleaners are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use for light commercial swimming pools, such as hotels, motels, apartment complexes and condos. Engineered for enhanced maneuverability and superior debris collection, these industrial-strength robotic cleaners bring a powerful cleaning solution to the commercial market. | (800) 822-7933





Jack’s Magic
If your favorite gel cleaner is no longer available, or if your usual thick tile/scale cleaner has been reformulated and is now causing streaking, dripping and even damage, try Jack’s Magic Tile Plus Stuff, the company says. This product is a highly viscous multi-acid formulation that is premixed to a gel-like consistency. It adheres to tile, grout, vinyl and other vertical surfaces for maximum cleaning performance without dripping into the pool. This fast-acting product delivers visible cleaning results, removing scale, rust stains, and other discolorations to help restore a “like new look” to tile, grout, vinyl and fiberglass. | (727) 536-4500





APi Water
APi is a manufacturer of pool and spa chemicals. The company features two product lines, EZRES for residential water care and EZPRO for commercial water care. New this year is an enhanced, non-chlorine shock called OXY SPLASH, available in three sizes and allows customers to do more with less. | (561) 743-0449





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers is pleased to offer an exclusive caviar black pool cover pump with a 40-foot power cord, 15 feet longer than others on the market, allowing for significantly more coverage area. It removes water from pool covers and other applications often without the need for an extension cord and waterproof connector. Without a pump, standing water on a pool cover is a risk and can damage the cover. The APCP-1700-40 pump eliminates risks associated with using extension cords around the pool. This pump is also easy to maintain, has a convenient handle and the black color draws solar heat in colder climates to help melt snow. | (800) 878-5789





Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools is pleased to announce another innovative construction feature option for its fiberglass pools. The patented Geo-Anchor Pool Wall was created to prevent the fiberglass pool’s wall from moving or bulging. This is accomplished with a specially formulated geo-textile material that is infused into the pool wall during manufacturing, then rolled up, secured for delivery and unrolled during the pool’s installation. This geo-texture material is then rolled out into the backfill, anchoring the pool into the earth. The extension of this material allows the backfill to grip the pool wall to the earth. By anchoring the walls of the fiberglass pool, they will resist movement or bulge providing a strong, solid investment. | (877) 929-POOL



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