Equipment Commitment: 2022 Equipment Product Focus

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Pools and spas are only as good as the equipment they depend upon. While such products span a broad range, each piece of the puzzle — from pumps and filters to controllers and chlorine generators — offers both a more enjoyable experience for users and easier maintenance for techs. Take a look at the following selection of the latest and greatest from top manufacturers.



AquaStar Pool Products
Aquastar’s Pipeline Filters deliver top-tier hydraulic efficiency and filtration performance. Designed for safety, the patented double-locking system allows customers to open the lid, even under pressure. The filter housing’s innovative Pipeline design delivers 360-degree uniform water flow throughout the entire cartridge filter. The filter is designed with a proprietary element that has wider spaced pleats for improved debris distribution. The core openings are 64% larger to improve flow distribution. These unique features lead to the filter’s hydraulic efficiency. | (877) 768-2717





The Jandy VersaTemp Heat or Chill pump with SoundShield Technology regulates a pool and spa’s temperature for the utmost comfort while significantly reducing operational noise. The pump is designed for energy-efficient, eco-friendly performance and dual thermostats for pool and spa combinations. It features a smaller footprint and offers intuitive operation with a built-in LCD panel and compatibility with AquaLink automation systems for anytime, anywhere iAquaLink app control. | (800) 822-7933





J&J Electronics
J&J Electronics’s Next Generation LED Pool and Spa Replacement Lamps are brighter, better performing and more affordable than ever before, the company says. | (949) 683-5729





The Polaris line of VORTRAX Robotic Cleaners are for light commercial pools featuring enhanced maneuverability and superior debris collection. Both the VORTRAX 30iQ and VORTRAX 25iQ offer a powerful robotic cleaning solution to suit the needs of small to medium pools. Equipped with Polaris’ newest cleaning technologies, such as Enhanced Sensor Nav System, which adjusts to fluctuating factors, and an advanced tangle-resistant cord. The VORTRAX 30iQ offers additional obstacle and wall detection with six advanced ultrasonic sensors — yielding superior results in pools with unique layouts and add-ons. | (800) 822-7933





Water Tech Corp
Water Tech’s waterproof, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is designed for use in above and inground pools. A smart water sensor detects when the unit is in or out of the water, turning it on and off automatically. It can be used for topside and bottom skimming, and can be attached to any standard telescopic pole. It operates independently from the pool filtration system, meaning no garden hoses or electrical cords are needed. | (800) 298-8800





Chlorine Genie
Chlorine Genie creates the ultimate pool water with a chlorine generator that keeps the corrosive effects of salt out of the pool. The patented electrolytic cell generates organic chlorine to create pool water soft as silk and easy on the eyes, skin and hair, the company says. No more damage to plaster or equipment from salt. This product offers safe sanitization without chemical irritants, and reduces the frequency of electrolytic cell replacement. | (800) 970-7616





Spa Electrics
The Spa Electrics Retro R10 is a low-voltage LED retrofit pool light, designed to replace existing 10-inch pool lights in both temperate and cold climate markets. Its innovative patent-pending universal CAM-LOCK system and UL-listed, quick-connect power plug significantly reduces installation time and effort, and in turn maintenance costs. The Retro R10 is manufactured in Australia and has been designed specifically for the U.S. market. | (800) 708-5545





Blue Square Manufacturing
Blue Square Manufacturing’s LITE STAR is a new line of LED pool and spa lights for construction and replacement lighting. The angle of the light can be adjusted up to 20 degrees to reduce surface glare and optimize lighting for pools of any depth using Adjust-A-Beam Technology. This product includes a UV-resistant niche and plaster shield with integrated water stop, multiple conduit ports and pre-drilled wire tie holes. The vented ports keep the light cool, and it has an automatic dimming feature to maintain proper temperature. | (480) 612-6880





Alps Manufacturing
Alps Manufacturing Spillover Spas are designed to enhance the beauty of a swimming pool while providing hydrotherapy enjoyment for your customers and their family and friends. Adding a spillover spa creates the perfect “hot spot” to relax and enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy. It’s available in seven different colors. | (404) 661-2283





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. offers the Powertouch eTL automatic pool cover controller. This product features a one-finger electronic torque limit adjustment, making it 100% tool-less. PowerTouch allows one person to adjust torque in less than 20 seconds. Installers and end users no longer need to lift auto cover stone lids to adjust the torque on the cover motor. This system is more reliable than mechanical torque limiters, the company says, and is proven to lessen wear-and-tear on cover ropes and drive components. | (800) 878-5789





Thursday Pools
The Double-O7 Round skimmer provides a worry-free system to cut skimmers into fiberglass pools with a common, affordable hole saw. This round skimmer saves time, money and requires far less skill than traditional cutting of rectangular skimmers, the company says. It allows a rectangular weir to be used in the skimmer assembly, and makes installation easy even for novice installers. This product was designed with a 7-degree angle and a special mounting plate to provide a more polished look that also matches LED lights, returns and other round features in the pool. | (877) 929-POOL





Fountain People
Fountain People’s new FXPRO Flush-Mount LED underwater light is designed in a niche housing that is poured flush with the fountain floor or wall, making it ideal for illumination of fountains and splash pads with foot traffic. Made completely of 316L stainless steel, this LED system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide bright, programmable lighting. Designed for underwater, wet or dry applications, the new lighting provides an on-board DMX driver that is individually addressable with a DMX controller. UL/cUL listed, CSA, IP68 and RoHS compliant. | (512) 393-5263





Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises offers the Roll-n-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum, ideal for sand filter cleanouts in commercial equipment rooms. This convenient vacuum removes soil and water around buried pipes. Sand filter changes take less than five minutes, the company says. The vacuum fits all standard two-wheeled construction grade wheelbarrows. At only 42 pounds, this product collects large volumes of material quickly and navigates pump rooms easily. | (800) 488-9146





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools offers a lightweight pump designed to quickly remove unwanted water from winter pool covers. The unit pumps away 350 gallons per hour to keep the pool safe from the elements while using a standard garden hose connection. This cover pump is heavy duty and fully submersible, making it ideal for water that accumulates rapidly on winter covers. Equipped with a specialized pre-filter to prevent clogs caused by debris, this product comes complete with a 25-foot flexible power cord and a standard hose adapter. UL listed. | (570) 344-4137





ControlOMatic’s MegaChlor is a simple pool chlorine generator device that supplies pools with continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without separate buttons, control boxes or timers — it’s all built into the device. Simply attach the control panel near the pool, add the advised pounds of salt per gallons of pool water, hang the electrode into the water and plug it in. The MegaChlor includes Salt Level Indicator Technology that lets users know when to add salt to maintain or boost chlorine production. | (530) 205-4520





Seaside Automation
Seaside Automation’s PoolWarden Chemical Controller has the ability to measure, adjust and deliver chemicals. The single pool model includes three output relays and the dual pool model includes six. The unit is easy to set up for various types of chemical control including salt systems, Cal-Hypo suction side, acid, base, heaters and more. The PoolWarden can feed sanitizer, control pH and control heaters with two daily set points, and it can be used with both chlorine and bromine. The Cyanuric Acid ORP offset programing is included to help maintain more consistent chlorine levels in pools with CYA. | (530) 487-5007





ClearBlue Ionizer
The ClearBlue Ionizer Digital Controller works by releasing a controlled dose of minerals into pools and spas to help prevent algae and bacteria growth. This reduces the chlorine by 50 to 80%, as well as the time and costs of balancing the water, the company says. After using this product, homeowners will appreciate the clarity, feel and smell of their water, and enjoy pool equipment for longer periods of time. | (239) 443-5154





Water Odyssey
Water Odyssey’s Cloud 9 is a new design that creates a cool cloud of mist using low water consuming mister nozzles. Constructed of brass and stainless steel hardware, this mister mounts flush to any deck or wall surface and is coated with AquaArmor — a durable chlorine, UV and vandal resistant coating. This product is both ADA and ASTM compliant for use in commercial or residential applications. | (512) 392-1155





Natare Corporation
Natare Corporation’s MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filters offer durability and minimal maintenance with maximum energy and water savings. These commercial pool filters are constructed from stainless steel and furnished as complete circulation and filtration systems that are engineered to specific pool volume and turnover requirements. Vacuum Sand Filter modular construction eliminates costly site installation and offers quick installation with 25-year warranties. MicroFlo Vacuum Sand regenerative filtration removes particles far smaller than typical pressure filters, meaning cleaner, clearer water and cryptosporidium control. | (800) 336-8828





Carvin Pool Equipment
Manufactured in Canada, Carvin’s complete line of pumps surpass the DOE standards and offer unique features and easy maintenance. Available with single-, dual- and variable-speed motors, the Magnum Force, the Orka and the SharkJet pumps are equipped with exclusive patented Run Dry protection. | (866) 979-4501





The RenoSys Surge Tank is a great choice for any commercial or public pool. It’s available on-grade or flush-with-deck with grating to save mechanical room space. It’s also available as a water conserving perlite vacuum filter system. | (800) 783-7005





FAFCO offers high-performing solar systems that can heat swimming pools beyond the few warm pool days of summer. Homeowners won’t have to pay a dime in swimming pool heating bills, the company says. The company offers a wide range of panel sizes for all styles, shapes and sizes of inground swimming pools. | (800) 994-7652



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