October 2022 New Pool & Spa Products

October proves to be a big month for new spa and pool products. See what's new below.



Product of the Month: Water Tech Corp

The Water Tech Volt Leaf Vac Recharge is great for cordlessly skimming top-side and bottom dwelling leaves. It works independently from pool filtration systems, meaning no garden hoses or cords are needed when using it. This product includes the Leaf Vac Head with rollers and a propeller, two high-capacity leaf bags, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a wall charger. The Vac also has an automatic on/off water sensor and can be flipped upside down to skim pool surfaces.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800





AquaStar Pool Products
AquaStar’s Perfect Circle Drain is designed for use in concrete pools and spas. It has four ports, which gives designers the ability to use multiple pumps and a hydrostatic relief valve with this one unblockable drain cover. With advanced water stop technology, the Perfect Circle Drain not only gives installers more flexibility with the modern pool setup, but also reduces the potential for leaks and costly future repairs. The product’s unique open center design allows the cover to blend seamlessly into the pool or spa finish.
aquastarpoolproducts.com | (727) 470-0424





Poolside by CGT
Poolside by CGT announces a comprehensive tool for visualizing pool liner patterns. The Poolside by CGT Visualizer makes the liner selection process fun and easy, the company says. First, the user can select from either a freeform or rectangular pool shape, then simply choose a liner design from the Poolside by CGT liner collection and choose a deck surface (flagstone, paver, travertine, wood or concrete). Users can then explore their pool combination with five different views of the pool — including an aerial overhead view and both a day and night view of the pool with lighting. This online tool works with a desktop, tablet and even a mobile device.





Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry’s Spa Chlorine Concentrate is a concentrated granular product designed to help eliminate bacteria and algae in spa water. This quick dissolving, one-step sanitizer and oxidizer for spas and hot tubs is a part of Natural Chemistry’s high-end line of spa water care products for retailers and service professionals alike. It’s available in both 2-pound and 5-pound sizes to further accommodate all spa customers.
naturalchemistry.com | (800) 753-1233





A RenoSys SummitSeries stainless steel pool is a great addition to any apartment, hotel or casino. This product line offers watertight, above-grade pools and spas, which can be either custom designed or chosen from a traditional form. The interior comes in a stainless-steel finish, a RenoSys PVC membrane or with mosaic tiles. RenoSys performs static and pressure tests on all SummitSeries pools and spas to ensure leak-free vessels. Stainless steel is a durable, quality material that looks great, but performs even better.
renosys.com | (800) 783-7005





SpaPure’s Natural Clear is a multi-dimensional clarifier that removes oils, soaps and other contaminants in spa water. Using a highly effective biopolymer formula, this product removes trace dissolved metals and other undesirable compounds to improve filter efficiency. Natural Clear is an all-natural, concentrated, biodegradable clarifier that is compatible with all sanitizing systems, even non-chlorine systems. Continued use will extend the time between filter cleanings.
spapureusa.com | (800) 333-0400





King Technology
King Technology’s FROG BAM prevents algae for 90 days and works great as a winterizer. The unique, low-copper based product stays in suspension for 90 days to keep algae at bay and spring opening easier. FROG BAM dispenses through the Pool FROG Cycler and is compatible with Instant FROG and Flippin’ FROG. Like all FROG products, it’s easy to use – prefilled for no mess, no guess, no stress. One bottle per 15,000 gallons.
kingtechnology.com | (800) 222-0169





Keep your pool water continually balanced with the Jandy TruDose chemical controller. Engineered to maintain consistent water chemistry based on custom setpoints, it monitors pH and chlorine activity (ORP) as water flows through the pool’s plumbing and adds chemicals as needed — ensuring a clean, safe and more comfortable swimming pool experience.
jandy.com | (800) 822-7933






The Polaris Prestige Filtration System Pack consists of the Polaris Prestige Filter and Polaris Forza pump. Offering the ideal mix of reliable operation with minimal maintenance, the Prestige system provides high-performance filtering capabilities to keep pool water clean and can easily be installed to get the swimming pool up and running as soon as possible, the company says.
fluidrausa.com | (800) 822-7933





Nationwide Industries
The Gate Saver Pro 2.0, like the original Gate Saver Pro, now accommodates vinyl gates to prevent and fix sagging with just a twist of the aluminum brace. Available for gates 36- to 72-inches, this product is quick and easy to install in three simple steps. Available in white and black aluminum for both wood and vinyl gates, the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 brace requires zero gate maintenance, the company says.
nationwideindustries.com | (813) 988-2628



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