September 2022 New Pool & Spa Products

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Even though pool season is winding down, there are still many new products to go around. Take a look at what September has to offer below! 





Product of the Month: Intermatic

Upgrade pool and spa projects with the new PE24GVA 24-Volt Valve Actuator from Intermatic. This reliable pool and spa solution simplifies water flow adjustment of two- and three-way diverter valves and allows for tool-free cam adjustments. Easy to install and maintain, the PE24GVA lets pool professionals visually set the valve position in just seconds, ensuring the ideal water flow to match application needs, the company says. | (815) 675-7000





Splinterworks introduces the Vertex slide in a bronze finish. True to Vertex’s original design, the inner of the slide where users sit (the area most exposed to strong sunlight) is in polished stainless steel, which doesn’t oxidize like most other metals, and actually reflects most inbound sunlight and thermal energy, the company says. Despite this, the slide is fitted with Splinterworks’ internal cooling system to ensure it is always cool enough to use. The rich, deep color on the bronze exterior, also available in other finishes such as copper, will age and develop a natural patina over time.





CamerEye introduces smarter pool construction monitoring and management with a complete AI-video camera pool safety system and builder portal. The builder portal offers streamlined job oversight and project management with a smart AI-video camera system and portal allows pool builders to monitor all jobsites and construction progress from start to end. CamerEye provides real-time video, analytics, and a recorded time-lapse video of construction progress, personnel activity, equipment security, and photo/video documentation, improving safety and quality control while reducing effort and expenses, the company says. | (800) 906-2810





Daich Coatings
RollerRock is a tough stone coating that’s been successfully installed on millions of feet of exterior concrete in all extreme climates for years, the company says. Using just a roller and brush, customers can dramatically improve surfaces all around their home with a real stone finish that lasts — in a choice of 15 colors. From cozy little patios to large commercial surfaces, RollerRock is proven everywhere. | (905) 858-1773





DrySee’s patented waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering for wounds. If water or other liquids make their way into the bandage, the gauze of the bandage will turn to a dark blue color. The color change alerts the user to change the bandage, knowing that the perimeter seal is broken and the wound could be contaminated. DrySee’s liquid intrusion alert takes the guesswork out of replacing bandages because it is easy to see if the bandage is wet or dry. | (866) 221-2785





Poolside by CGT
The Silver Antigua floor is a modern quartz print, designed to give pool water a serene, light crystal blue appearance. The Silver Antigua captures the soft details found in natural quartz pebble and is available as an all-print design or can be paired with the new Silver Horizon border design. Printed on a silver-gray pool liner base material, this design complements today’s popular deck and coping treatments, the company says. Silver Antigua vinyl-liner material uses CGT’s Poolside exclusive aquafinish protective topcoat that provides superior chemical resistance and UV protection. | (519) 623-1633





The Polaris Prestige Filtration System Pack consists of the Polaris Prestige Filter and Polaris Forza pump. Offering the ideal mix of reliable operation with minimal maintenance, the Prestige system provides high-performance filtering capabilities to keep pool water clean and can easily be installed to get the swimming pool up and running as soon as possible, the company says. | (800) 822-7933





Nationwide Industries
The Gate Saver Pro 2.0, like the original Gate Saver Pro, now accommodates vinyl gates to prevent and fix sagging with just a twist of the aluminum brace. Available for gates 36- to 72-inches, this product is quick and easy to install in three simple steps. Available in white and black aluminum for both wood and vinyl gates, the Gate Saver Pro 2.0 brace requires zero gate maintenance, the company says. | (813) 988-2628






Rainbow Outdoor Furniture
Pelican Reef Inc, DBA Rainbow Outdoor Furniture North America, a commercial grade Turkish outdoor furniture brand, has launched for the first time in the U.S. following Europe and Asia. The resin and aluminum products have been designed and inspired by modern and linear elements, applying only fine gas injection machinery with 100% polypropylene materials to produce lightweight, resistant, and contract functional styles, the company says. Rainbow products will survive the harshest all-weather conditions, are safe for the environment, and can be 100% recyclable.





Mist Cooling
This innovative swimming pool cooler was designed to solve the problem of hot pool water: It helps drop temperatures by 8 to 10 degrees and provides fresh oxygen. This product is easy to install, has zero operating cost, is maintenance free and inexpensive to operate, the company says. It does not require any power, Freon or gas to operate — just attach it to the pool return jet fitting. | (832) 588-6512



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