May 2022 New Pool & Spa Products

Product of the Month: Ledge Lounger

Everyone has a signature, but an autograph must be earned. An autograph represents time, accomplishments, experience and expertise. It is something to be proud of. For Ledge Lounger, it all began with the Signature Chaise. After more than a decade of making a mark on the pool industry with over a quarter of a million pieces of in-pool furniture sold, the company says it is evolving the client’s in-pool experience again.

Presenting the Autograph Collection and its capstone piece: the Autograph Chaise. “Our clients and trade partners are at the heart of what we do. You are what push us to constantly improve because we know you won’t settle for anything, and so neither do we. The Autograph Chaise is the evolution of the Signature Chaise, propelled forward by you and your feedback,” says Ledge Lounger.

The Autograph Chaise is packed with features, including increased lumbar support so users can be more upright and engaged with their surroundings, a water depth range of up to 12 inches, and a seamlessly attached optional headrest pillow, available in premium colors. What hasn’t changed is, just like the company’s Signature products, the Autograph collection is crafted of UV16 rated resin, and made in the U.S. | (888) 498-0280





Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry’s Spa Cleanse Weekly is a concentrated blend of naturally based enzymes and phosphate removers. It reduces unwanted non-living organic contaminants such as body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products and more. Cleanse Weekly reduces scum lines, scrubbing of the waterline, and unpleasant odors. It provides crystal clear, sparkling water with less work, the company says. This product works as a continuous cartridge filter cleaner and removes unwanted phosphate contamination — simply add weekly, directly into the spa water. | (800) 753-1233





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools offers a new durable, blow-molded hose designed for high-pressure pump/filter/return applications. This filter hose has fully integrated cuffs that are molded onto the hose to prevent leakage. Available in 1 1/2- and 1 1/4-inch diameter sizes ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet in length, this product is made proudly in Pennsylvania. | (570) 344-4137





With a Roll-A-Cover retractable pool enclosure, homeowners can maximize the benefits of their swimming pool investment all year long. The enclosure can easily be opened or closed manually or via motorization. Retractable enclosures maximize natural ventilation when opened while utilizing the greenhouse effect when the enclosure must be closed, the company says. Retractable designs can make a space an all-season, all-weather area to be enjoyed, and are designed to meet snow and wind loads throughout the country. | (203) 393-7292





S.R.Smith, now part of Fluidra, is proud to announce the release of the kēloXL, the company’s first 10-inch 12VAC large-format niche LED pool light. Designed to fit into older style niches, this product is an ideal replacement option for older pools, with little to no modifications needed. Utilizing a unique polymeric construction, the kēloXL pool light requires no bonding or grounding, is corrosion-resistant, and offers a smooth, low-profile design, the company says. This product is offered in various cord lengths and trim plate colors, as an RGB color model (38W) or white-only model (42W). | (800) 824-4387





Frank Wall Enterprises is pleased to introduce the new Skim Buddy swimming pool skimmer cleaning tool, designed to make cleaning skimmer baskets easier and safer. No more bending over or reaching to pull out skimmer baskets, the company says. This tool keeps you from using your bare hands to clean out leaves or other undesirable creatures from skimmer baskets — and from touching chlorine sticks, pucks or tablets. | (800) 488-9146





Poolside by CGT
Poolside by CGT is pleased to now offer the Esagono Mosaic vinyl-liner design, featuring a fiery blue-gray hexagonal mosaic with a rustic motif that creates beautiful blue waters within the pool. Printed on stone clay colored pool liner material, this design is enhanced with Poolside by CGT’s exclusive aqua shimmer feature that gives the pool liner a sparkling effect. This product is engineered with added chemical and UV protection. Manufactured and printed in North America by CGT. | (519) 623-1633





Aqua Leisure
Amplify the lounging experience with the Supreme Convertible Lounge. Its removable bolster lets users select from four relaxing positions to fit all of their floating and tanning needs, the company says. The comfortable ULTRASOFT 3D Air Mesh fabric ensures that users stay cool and relaxed for all-day water adventures. Other features include a convenient beverage holder, Cool Weave mesh fabric on the lounge’s underside, a DuoLock Inflation System for easy inflation and deflation and lightweight, ripstop fabric that is tear/rip resistant. | (888) 912-7087





The cooldown is to the sauna bath as the ladle to the bucket. With the Ice Lounge, KLAFS can now provide invigorating coolness in all spa areas all year round, without outdoor access.
The central highlight and source of the coveted coldness is the Stalagmite ice fountain, from which — as the name implies — rather than falling from above, the ice chunks gradually grow upwards. This small, frosty spectacle is not only soothing, but also invites you to grab one or two ice blooms and use them to assist your cooldown, the company says. | +49 (0)791-5010





The Waboba Sol Ball features UV prints that change color in the sun. This fun foam ball with a lycra cover is versatile for any water environment. Hit the pool, lake or beach — the more water it absorbs, the farther it bounces, the company says. Suitable for ages five and up. This product sells for $9.99 on, as well as on Amazon and in sporting goods stores everywhere. | (470) 545-4232



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