It's in the Retail Details: 2022 Retail Must-Haves Product Focus

With hot weather right around the corner, customers will start looking to stock up for the summer season. Seize the opportunity to grab their attention with this array of retail must-haves, from safety equipment to solar power.



A Brand of Fluidra

Fluidra has launched a new suction-side cleaner, the Polaris ATLAS XT. Engineered with HALO technology for superior debris removal, the ATLAS XT cleaner collects larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments — allowing for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning, the company says. This product features multi-directional navigation, yielding enhanced movement patterns that alternate direction, durable Tri-Point tacks designed for greater traction and powerful turbines for exceptional wall climbing on all pool surfaces. Designed for energy efficiency and longevity, the ATLAS XT operates well even at lower flow rates and comes with a unique regulator valve that automatically controls excess water flow. | (800) 822-7933





Taylor Technologies
Taylor’s 7-Way Test Strips for pools and spas test for free chlorine, total chlorine/total bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and CYA. Pool professionals can download Taylor’s sureTREAT water treatment software to stay connected with their customers in real-time with the retail app, service app, homeowner app and user website. The software uses the most advanced camera imaging technology to capture test strip results you can trust, the company says. | (800) TEST-KIT





LaMotte’s Insta-TEST Plus strips have a new look with multilingual (English, Spanish, French) instructions for the label and blister card. The company’s test strip formula was designed for stable color development – it allows adequate time for the user to match very distinct colors along with preventing cross-contamination between pads. These instant-read test strips come in a convenient pop-top bottle with a desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture intrusion. | (800) 344-3100





Primate Pool Tools
With 30 years of experience in the pool industry and a deep commitment to using high-quality materials, Primate Pool Tools offers pool professionals a strong, lightweight, high-performance carbon fiber service pole with features that make pool cleaning jobs easier. | (858) 774-1712





SwamCam is an artificial intelligence swimming pool alarm designed to detect and alert as soon as a child enters the pool area. Features include advanced child detection algorithm, automatic re-arm setting in case you forget, keypad to arm/disarm the system, loud wireless siren alert, quick and easy installation and much more. | (888) 679-2622





LOOP-LOC’s team of designers crafted exclusive products to match some of their intricate liner designs, including float covers, custom outdoor pillow covers, beach totes and plush, oversized, ultra-absorbent beach towels. Backyard Accents brings an extraordinary resort feel right into the backyard making it all come together, the company says. | (631) 582-2626





Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic Hot Tubs introduces the Durabuilt Base, a new ABS base with seat supports for all round tubs in the company’s lineup. This product combines a fully-sealed ABS base, even support and strength with an integrated equipment mounting platform. Nordic’s new base provides hand holds for ease of lifting during delivery and placement, and the new design allows 360-degree service without having to remove the shell. | (616) 940-4036





The Aqua-Rex WK1P is now upgraded with a USB power connection that will go into any handy USB outlet or power supply transformer. The aerials are mounted on the top of the unit, making it easy to hang from the pipe connecting the pump to the filter. Installation only takes a few minutes before the water conditioner gets to work. After fitting this product, scale will fall off the tile, phosphates will be reduced and salt water generators will last longer between cleaning, the company says.
| (877) 640-2170





Blue Torrent USA
Blue Torrent brushes offer 360 degrees of cleaning for hundreds of uses. Available in 12-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch sizes, these ultra-smooth antimicrobial brushes fit standard telescopic poles. | (631) 839-2082





Mi-Way, Inc. / Aqua Comb
Pool Aqua Combs combine a powerful 3-inch-wide water spray with a long comb that opens the pleats and removes debris, dog hair, leaves, bugs and more from the cartridge filter. Aqua Combs quickly and fully clean the cartridge filter, resulting in clearer water, better flow and lower electric bills, the company says. These products also remove the desert dust and concrete fines found in both new and repaired concrete pools. | (941) 922-7786





Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet
Kalamazoo’s next-generation cooking collection introduces a new gas grill with the company’s first drop-in style grill head. The company’s first-ever global product lineup is driven by strong safety features, increased performance and an updated aesthetic. | (866) 790-8424





The Solar Bear family of aboveground products offers genuine do-it-yourself solar products with a wide range of sizes and options, as well as a private label program. The boxed retail solar solution features quick homeowner installation, and provides solar for all styles, shapes, and sizes of above-ground swimming pools, the company says. | (800) 994-7652





CamerEye provides an AI pool safety camera system with fast water distress detection, smart fence perimeter technology and the only ASTM-certified perimeter alarm that can sense humans before they enter the water, the company says. Homeowners can monitor their pool and backyard 24/7 from anywhere. CamerEye detects only humans in and around the pool, eliminating false alarms from other moving objects like blowing leaves and floating pool toys. | (800) 906-2810





Strong Spas
The new Ascent Series combines the luxury of Strong Spas’ high-end features and performance with the company’s signature tub design. The luxurious, full-featured Ascent soft cover line offers eight dealer-exclusive models in a variety of sizes and jet counts, including two convenient plug and play 120V units. Proudly built in the U.S. | (866) 983-2285





Solar Sun Rings
Add free heat to your pool with the power of the sun with Solar Sun Rings. Patented heating technology allows for sunlight to be absorbed and converted into usable and sustainable solar heating for swimming pools. | (866) 765-2704





Cal Spas
Cal Flame offers a full line of high-quality BBQs ranging from 3-burner grills to 6-burner grills. The company’s P Series Grills are crafted using signature 304 stainless steel with features such as cast-stainless steel burners, independent igniter switches and heavy duty V-pattern grates. | (800) 225-7727





The Outdoor GreatRoom Company
The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is excited to introduce the Darien Collection. Two gas fire pits incorporate Grade A teak wood and are outfitted with a Graphite Grey aluminum or Stone Grey Everblend concrete top, plus a 12-by-24-inch Crystal Fire Plus gas burner. The collection features Darien Teak Chat Chairs in powder-coated aluminum framing, with outdoor-rated Olefin cushions. Teak accents on each armrest tie the chairs in with the rest of the collection. | (866) 303-4028





WAVE Drowning Detection Systems
The WAVE Drowning Detection System provides alerts in all types of water, including indoor or outdoor pools, waterparks, lakes, bays, rivers and more. It is not affected by water color, temperature, bubbles, currents, chemicals, minerals, vegetation or marine life, the company says. This product detects that critical moment in time when a swimmer might be in danger and immediately alerts aquatics teams so they can intervene if needed. All components are designed to be weather-resistant for years of reliable service, and the system can be portable, installed permanently, or used seasonally. Intended for use at smaller to medium size facilities. | (203) 429-4636





The EdgeMate Pool Chair is an ideal choice for in-pool seating. Inspired by people with disabilities, EdgeMate utilizes the pool’s deck in order to provide comfort and stability for those who want to enjoy being in the water, while staying within reach of everything they enjoy out of it. EdgeMate folds flat for easy transport and storage. A 12-unit storage rack is available for commercial operations. | (614) 537-6984





Aqua Swivel Seat
The Aqua Swivel Seat assists anyone needing aqua therapy to safely get into a hot tub without climbing over the side. This product sits on the edge of a hot tub and swivels 360 degrees, with five contact points and a 450-lb rating. The inside legs rest on the inside of the hot tub and the outside legs rest on the floor, while the center is clamped to the top edge of the tub, making it part of the tub. Once the legs are set and clamped in place, they don’t have to be reset: just loosen the clamp and lift the seat off of the hot tub to close the cover. | (574) 276-4852



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