April 2022 New Pool & Spa Products


Product of the Month: Aristech Surfaces

Aristech Surfaces LLC is pleased to introduce a new, patent-pending material: Avonite Flex. This innovative liner gives an elegant, refined look to hot tub and swim spa interiors.

With the launch of Avonite Flex, the company hopes to invigorate the demand for luxury. This material was developed with the idea of combining two worlds: on the one hand, the realm of hot tubs, invested in practical materials that are customizable, durable and easy to mass-produce; and on the other hand, the realm of interior design, geared to private customers seeking an additional element of comfort without sacrificing style.

As part of the Avonite line of products, Avonite Flex offers the brand’s famous soft feel and signature texture. Like all Avonite materials, Avonite Flex can be milled, machined, etched and even stamped. In addition, the material is resistant to staining and chemical cleaners, and its non-porous, bacteriostatic surface limits the growth of microorganisms.

Avonite Flex is available in two colors: Alabaster Wave 8705 and Pure Alabaster 8701. Supplied in sheets or rolls, the sheeting is 3 mm thick and is available in widths of up to 108 inches.
aristechsurfaces.com | (800) 354-9858





Lo-Chlor L.L.C. has introduced a new product, Salt Master, to its full Performance Pool Chemicals line. Just one weekly dose of Salt Master reduces the need for acid, boosts performance and decreases the frequency of necessary balance adjustments and cell cleanings, the company says. Salt Master also keeps equipment in top shape and lengthens the life of salt chlorine generators. This special formula prevents scale buildup on generator cells, pool equipment and surfaces. This product is ready to use, safe and effective for all chlorine types and salt pools.
lo-chlor.com | (954) 491-9810





Fluidra has launched a new suction-side cleaner, the Polaris ATLAS XT. Engineered with HALO technology for superior debris removal, the ATLAS XT cleaner collects larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments — allowing for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning, the company says. This product features multi-directional navigation, yielding enhanced movement patterns that alternate direction, durable Tri-Point tacks designed for greater traction and powerful turbines for exceptional wall climbing on all pool surfaces. Designed for energy efficiency and longevity, the ATLAS XT operates well even at lower flow rates and comes with a unique regulator valve that automatically controls excess water flow.
fluidrausa.com | (800) 822-7933





Nationwide Industries
The Keystone Traverse product line offers two new latch sizes. Both do not require drilling through the fence posts and are easy to install with four simple steps, the company says: determine right/left application, latch height, attach latch to post using flat head screws and attach striker. The Keystone Traverse 250 (KLTRV-250), ideal for ornamental fences, fits a 2.5-inch fence or gate post. The Keystone Traverse 400 (KLTRV-400), ideal for vinyl fences, fits a 4-inch fence or gate post. Part of the CornerStone product line is the new fully adjustable Heavy-Duty CornerStone 2 Hinge (C2H350F-SD-BK) for wood and vinyl fences.
nationwideindustries.com | (813) 988-2628





Ramuc Hi-Build Epoxy provides stain, chemical and abrasion resistance, is compatible with saltwater systems and offers up to eight years of service life. This Hi-Build Epoxy, available in one- or two-gallon kits, renovates aged concrete, plaster, and fiberglass/gelcoat surfaces at one-third the cost of plastering, the company says. VOC compliant in the U.S. and Canada, this product is a self-priming, two-coat system that rolls easily and builds to 8 mils dry per coat, rendering “smoothing” qualities on rough surfaces.
ramucpaint.com | (800) 745-6756





Fortress Building Products
Beautiful and durable, Apex capped bamboo-PVC composite decking from Fortress Building Products emulates the natural wood grain patterns and richness that standard wood deck boards provide, but will not warp, crack, fade or deteriorate over time. An ideal decking solution for any sort of application where moisture is present, including swimming pools and hot tubs, Apex is engineered to defend against water infiltration while also offering slip-resistance and first-rate protection against heat. Because the bamboo-PVC composite defends against moisture, UV rays and the effects of weathering, it will maintain its vibrant aesthetic for years — no staining needed.
fortressbp.com/decking/apex | (866) 323-4766





Clear Comfort
Clear Comfort’s AOP now fits in all types of portable spas, swim spas and lifestyles. By harnessing the power of Clear Comfort’s patented AOP, the CCW25 delivers the easiest way to get the best and healthiest spa and swim spa water. Designed for simplicity, the CCW25’s is easy to integrate, use and enjoy without toxic chemical handling after every use. Full-flow water treatment minimizes chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels than drinking water, the company says. In addition to having a 3-year system warranty, the CCW25 system only requires an annual, one-minute cartridge replacement.
clearcomfort.com | (303) 872-4477





Daich Coatings
Following the launch of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer in 2021, Daich Coatings introduces TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat. Available in five colors, the real stone organic coating covers almost any ugly, blotchy floor surface. TracSafe products bond firmly to a variety of interior and exterior flooring materials, including concrete, masonry, stone and pavers, tile, vinyl, linoleum and pre-painted floors. Daich recommends starting a project with two coatings of the colored TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat and finishing with two coats of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. The product’s aggressive anti-slip performance with all-weather durability is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.
daichcoatings.com | (905) 858-1773





Fox Pool
Fox Pool is pleased to offer a new gallery “look book,” available exclusively to Fox dealers to provide to consumers. Full of inspiration for potential new pool owners, this book showcases some of Fox Pool’s most stunning pool builds. Small and light, it is easy to pack and carry along to sales calls and leave behind for customers to look through at their leisure. To order printed copies, contact [email protected] or call the number below.
foxpool.com | (570) 385-1244 x 6506





Cal Spas
The Cal Salt Filtration Sanitation System produces a pure form of chlorine by electrolysis of salt (NaCl) in order to sanitize spa water. After the salt is converted to chlorine and the bacteria is killed, the chlorine converts back to salt — and this process is ongoing. The salt concentration used is very low: less than that in a human tear, according to the company.
calspas.com | (800) 225-7727



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