November 2021 New Pool & Spa Products

Looking to see what's new this month in products? From water features to pool lights, we've got you covered below. 




Product of the Month: TrueBite

The wheelbarrow vac that everyone is talking about on the web and social media is the Roll-N-Vac HD2 Hydro Extractor. This product is revolutionizing the swimming pool service industry by saving time doing those tedious everyday tasks, the company says. New improvements include a new float for better shut off, a new base plate gasket and reformulated HDPE for a stronger and stiffer machine.

With Roll-N-Vac, techs can:

  • Clean out a 300-lb sand filter in less than 5 minutes.
  • Vacuum green sludge from the bottom of a 12-foot pool directly into a wheelbarrow for disposal.
  • Vacuum or blow out lines for winterizing or clean out clogged lines.
  • Surgically excavate skimmers, broken plumbing and electrical lines when used with a pressure washer.
  • Increase their bottom line and save their backs.

TrueBite doesn't stop thinking of ways to improve the Roll-N-Vac — last year, the company made the unit blue-colored using specially formulated plastic for longer life and UV protection. This product is proudly made in the U.S. | (800) 356-8059





King Technology
With Instant FROG, chlorine lasts up to two times longer, the company says. It creates fresh mineral water in pools, kills bacteria two ways, keeps pH balanced and frees up chlorine to attack algae. Pools are clean and clear between service visits. Customers enjoy cleaner, clearer, softer water, and techs avoid surprise callbacks and get worry-free pool care. This multi-tasker works long after the job has been completed. | (800) 222-0169





Clear Comfort
Clear Comfort announces the all-new CCW25 AOP treatment system, the company's first system that is universally designed for portable and swim spas. With non-corrosive, full-flow treatment, the CCW25 protects and extends the life of spas. Designed for simplicity, this product provides spa water that looks as good as it feels with freedom from toxic chemical handling after every use. Additionally, the system's maintenance method features a sustainable cartridge replacement that takes less than one minute each year, the company says. | (303) 872-4477





Concrete Countertop Solutions
Concrete Countertop Solutions Inc. introduces a new product to fill a void in the liner pool market. Due to industry-wide supply shortages and production delays, liner tracks have been difficult for pool builders to get their hands on. To address this, Concrete Countertop Solutions released a new Liner Track product that is extruded from PVC. It is available in straight or notched (bendable) for both straight wall and freeform pools. The notched track will bend to a 6-inch radius on both inside and outside corners, making special corner pieces unnecessary. The track is compatible with most standard liner beads. Safe for use with saltwater systems; bonding is not necessary. Sold in packages of 128 feet. | (570) 587-3799





Spa Pure
Spa Pure's New Complete Spa Oxidizing Shock not only oxidizes, but also incorporates clarifiers and buffers. Similar to the popular Spa Oxidizing Shock, this new product provides a fast-acting, quick-dissolving, non-chlorinated oxidizing treatment with a fresh fragrance. Easy to use, this product does not require pre-dissolving, and users can enter the spa shortly after adding the product to the water. Simply apply while the water is circulating. Compatible with spas using chlorine, bromine, mineral ionizers, chlorine generators and more. Ideal for those looking to decrease the amount of chlorine in spa water. Made in the U.S. | (800) 333-0400





Natural Chemistry
Pool Magic + Phosfree uses SMARTZyme technology that is specifically formulated to work in cooler water temperatures, making it an ideal choice for pool closings. The enzymes in this product control non-living organic contamination and reduce waterline rings that can develop from early spring contamination, the company says. This popular product was blended with Natural Chemistry's Phosfree to remove phosphates and make pool openings fast and easy — only one bottle is needed for every 25,000 gallons of water. This product can be used with all filter media, on all pool surfaces and is compatible with all sanitizers. | (800) 753-1233





JED Pool Tools
This wall-mounted pool fountain features a flower petal design with two spray tiers. It works on both aboveground and inground pools, offering a fully adjustable fountain spray height and direction. Fast and easy to install, this product enhances the outdoor living area with beautiful arcs of water and the peaceful sounds of the spray while relaxing poolside, the company says. Hooks directly into pool return. Fits 1 3/4-inch threaded return fittings. Made in the U.S. | (570) 344-4137





Smart Spa Remote
Smart (Alexa) Spa Remote is a customer installable add-on card for Jandy RS automated power centers. This product replaces the four or eight button spa side remotes which are prone to failures, the company says. It allows pool owners to use an Alexa device or the Alexa app to control eight pool features, including the heater, pool pump and lights, and to view temperature and set thermostat controls. The Smart Spa Remote uses your home Wi-Fi and works with all Jandy RS units, without requiring iWeb connect. | (772) 237-0506





Fox Pool
The new Spa Electrics Retro R10, carried exclusively by Fox, is a universal 10-inch vinyl replacement pool light designed to retro-fit 10-inch niches. Designed with installers in mind, this light offers two simple installation options to adapt to existing light fixtures and advanced cooling features. This product is engineered for a safe and more efficient lifetime in pools. Available in white and gray colors with adapter plates to protect vinyl liners. | (800) 723-1011





Alps Manufacturing
Alps Spillover Spas are designed to enhance the beauty of swimming pools while providing hydrotherapy enjoyment for family and friends. Models come complete with 12 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets. Adding a spillover spa to the pool creates a "hot spot" for family and friends to soak and enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy. | (404) 661-2283


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