October 2021 New Pool & Spa Products

October proves to be a big month for new spa and pool products. See what's new below.



Product of the Month: FAFCO SOLAR BEAR

Turn any polar aboveground swimming pool into a solar swimming pool. The innovative Solar Bear family of aboveground products offers genuine do-it-yourself solar products with the widest range of sizes and options in the industry, as well as a private label program.

The swimming pool pump sends filtered water through the FAFCO Solar Bear solar panel. It transfers the sun's free heat to the water, circulating through the channels inside, and returns warm water to the swimming pool.

Add this product to your business and enjoy an inclusive retail solar solution with zero returns, a quick homeowner installation in well under 30 minutes, and solar for all styles, shapes and sizes of aboveground swimming pools. Made in the U.S. since 1969.

fafco.com/october | (800) 994-7652



Nationwide Industries
Nationwide Industries is taking commercial chain link gate security to a new level with a mushroom gate stop. Made of malleable iron, this product holds chain link double gates in place when a drop rod is used. Rather than using pipes or holes dug in the ground, it sits above the surface and contains a crevice to hold the drop rod securely. The mushroom gate stop is installed by mounting the stem down into the concrete, with the crevice in line with the gate. This product works with a 1-inch commercial drop rod and 1-inch pad lockable commercial drop rod on chain link fence applications.
nationwideindustries.com | (813) 988-2628



Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. now offers eight different color options for its automatic pool covers, including designer colors to match the latest in backyard décor. With pools often being visible throughout the home, consumers are looking for an automatic pool cover that matches the home's aesthetic. Designer colors, such as charcoal gray, have become extremely popular. These refreshed colors complement the company's Invis-A-Rope dark gray rope, and together provide aesthetically pleasing auto covers for consumers. Made in the U.S.
automaticpoolcovers.com | (800) 878-5789



The Jacuzzi Play Collection offers an affordable solution to make premium hydrotherapy a part of everyone's daily ritual. The collection showcases easy-to-adjust two-toned jets, stainless steel details, LED lighting, an LED-lit water fountain and comfort pillows. Made of patented Syncrylic material that features unibody construction and full foam insulation, these hot tubs are durable and efficient. The 120-volt Plug n' Play models are easy to install and move as needed, and the patented, simple filtration and wear-resistant spa surface make these models easy to maintain.
jacuzzi.com | (866) 234-7727



DuraChlor Rust-N-Scale effectively removes pool surface staining caused by metals and prevents scale buildup, the company says. This product crystallizes and removes suspended metal particles, such as iron, copper, silver and manganese, from pool water using the existing filtration system. It also protects plumbing and equipment, and is compatible with all sanitizers and all filtration types. Ideal for use before winterizing pools to prevent metal stains from taking hold during those long winter months. Made in the U.S.
durachlorpool.com | (800) 333-0400



Fox Pool
Durable, versatile and customizable — the Ultimate Pool provides limitless installation possibilities. Whether inground, aboveground or semi-inground, at the foundation of every Ultimate is galvanized steel walls with state-of-the-art epoxy coated powder to provide a protected, reliable structure. Optional add-ons, such as top rail choices, walk-in stairs, snap-in covers, filtration systems and more, can complete the Ultimate Pool experience. The Ultimate Pool by Fox offers short lead times on product and ease of installation to help pool professionals build more pools.
foxpool.com | (800) 723-1011



Sundance Spas
Offering an affordable solution without sacrificing what's important, these spas open the door for everyone to make family time part of their daily routine. These models feature easy-to-adjust two-toned jets, stainless steel details, LED lighting, an LED-lit water fountain and comfort pillows. Crafted from unibody construction, supportive full foam insulation and patented Syncrylic material, Splash Spas are durable and efficient. It's simple to install and move 120V Plug n' Play models, and patented, simple filtration makes this product easy to enjoy.
sundancespas.com | (800) 883-7727



The American Whirlpool 880 is MAAX Spas' most spacious model, seating up to seven people and showcasing an updated rail design for the 800 series. Massage features include two new shoulder relief zones, two larger physician-designed zone therapy seats with new comfort collar designs (with an x-option in the deep seat), a cool down seat, a shiatsu seat and deep tissue hamstring jets.
maaxspas.com | (480) 895-0598



Water Odyssey
The WOmojis Collection offers a complete, well-rounded family of products that creates a splash pad experience for all ages and abilities. Every product is coated in Aqua Armor to withstand both chlorine and UV. Available in 16 different colors, eight themed expressions and optional pre-designed splash pad layouts. Made in the U.S.
waterodyssey.com | (512) 392-1155



WinterPill is now available in two sizes: a small 2.75-inch pill (4 ounces) that treats up to 15,000 gallons, and a large 4-inch pill (14.2 ounces) that treats up to 30,000 gallons. This product's all-in-one formula makes winterizing pools fast and easy, and its patented pre-measured release delivery system helps maintain clear water during the off-season. WinterPill clarifies pool water and helps reduce scaling and staining. This product is enzyme enhanced and controls non-living organics to control waterline rings and enhance filter performance. WinterPill's concentrated formula can be used with all sanitizers and is compatible with all pool surfaces.
seaklear.com | (800) 753-1233


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