June 2021 New Pool & Spa Products

Thursday Pools has created a kid-friendly video about water safety — read more in the company's product listing below.
Thursday Pools has created a kid-friendly video about water safety — read more in the company's product listing below.

This month's roundup of new products includes new business software, a fire pit table, shampoo and conditioner for after swimming and more. Take a look below.



Ooa 621 Aq Chlorinator Fix Sm

Product of the Month: Chlorinator Fix

The Chlorinator Fix offers pool service providers, operators and owners a better way to open a chlorinator. This product is a watertight chlorinator cap designed to prevent the chlorinator from leaking water — making it easier to open, add chlorine or bromine tablets, and close the chlorinator canister safely and securely. No special tools are needed to remove and secure the handle: Its unique, double-grip design allows the use of both hands to twist the handle on and off the chlorinator. This product is designed to fit both standard 6-inch (Hayward CL200 Series) and 3-inch (Pentair Rainbow Series) diameter chlorinator units.

The Chlorinator Fix kit is designed for larger 6-inch diameter chlorinators and includes three parts: an inner collar, an outer locking ring and a double-grip handle. The strategic placement of the O-ring gasket on top of the collar eliminates friction and deterioration, ensuring a watertight seal. Once the collar and locking ring are in place, they never have to be removed.

championpoolproducts.com | (203) 767-1456



Oob 621 Aq Latham Sm

Pool Water Purification Products
Pool Water Purification Products' newest 18-foot trailer offers a 40 horsepower pump running from 150 to 180 gallons of water per minute. The deep bed sand filter ensures higher volume and flow with lightweight hoses that are easier to handle, the company says. The hose reels are larger and have been moved to the rear of the trailer for easy access. Using cam locks to attach the hose-to-hose reel makes it easier to connect, load and unload the hoses.
poolwaterpurificationproducts.com | (928) 230-8393



Ooe 621 Aq Structure Studios Sm

Structure Studios
Structure Studios announces the release of Vip3D Version 3, Pool Studio Version 3 and VizTerra Version 3, all available for download now. With a redesigned 3D engine and an improved 3D library, Version 3 of each software package gives pool designers, landscapers and builders the tools they need to quickly and easily create 3D presentations. New features include real-time 3D rendering, instant shape editing, more automatic terrain data and an all-new material library. Vip3D Version 3 also includes 3D grass, strip lighting and new visual effects, materials and tools.
structurestudios.com | (800) 778-8996



Ood 621 Aq Phoenix1 Sm

Phoenix Products Company
Phoenix Products Company introduces Purf Pool & Surf Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. These hair care products are designed to help protect, repair and revitalize hair that has been damaged from swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water. Hair that is exposed to pool and salt water can load up with unwanted minerals, salt and chemicals that block natural oils from moisturizing and protecting the hair shaft, affecting its health, look and feel. This professional salon moisturizing formula contains aloe vera juice and keratin as well as agents that smooth the hair and add elasticity and shine. Available for retail in a 16-ounce bottle size.
phoenixproducts.com | (207) 232-2891



4 L 621 Aq Outdoor Great Room Sm

The Outdoor Greatroom Company
The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has added the Cove Linear Collection to its product line of gas fire pit tables. This collection consists of two linear sizes. The 54-inch and 72-inch tables are made of Supercast concrete and come in three color variations: natural grey, midnight mist and white. Included in the design are matching pedestals as an optional look for added depth and height. The Cove 54-inch includes a 12-by-42-inch Crystal Fire Plus Burner Insert and Plate Kit, while the Cove 72-inch uses a 12-by-64-inch burner kit. Each Crystal Fire Plus burner is UL Listed for safety and quality.
outdoorrooms.com | (866) 303-4028



Ouu 621 Aq Rb Pointof Sale Sm

RB Pool and Spa Software
RB Pool and Spa Software Point of Sale software now fully integrates a job costing and job progress management program, providing estimating and contracts in addition to detailed job progress management and costing. Builders can track the ongoing costs of construction work, track the physical progress of the job and control variance with side-by-side comparison of the bid versus the actual costs. User-defined fields allow for customization of the job stage of each line item.
rbpoolandspa.com | (866) 933-9099



Ott 621 Aq Aqua Rex Sm

The Aqua-Rex WK1P is a physical water conditioner that does many good things for pool water. Most obviously, it keeps the pool wall clean of calcium scale, even breaking up the old scale from the tiles. It also makes phosphates precipitate out and enhances the effect of chlorine as well as keeping the chlorine generator clean. It does all this electronically, a truly fit-and-forget product available from pool wholesalers everywhere as well as Leslie's Pool Supplies under the brand name Jacuzzi JPDS.
aqua-rex.com | (877) 640-2170



Oii 421 Aq Pentair1 Sm

Pentair Commercial
The Prowler 920 robotic inground pool cleaner makes cleaning fast, easy and convenient. This product operates independently from the pool's filtration system, using an all-surface, high-speed scrubbing brush that doesn't require a booster pump. The Prowler 920 uses two brushes, including one active brush that spins at two times the speed of the tracks. Programmable, daily cleaning schedules with a built-in weekly timer make this item ideal for commercial pool applications.
pentair.com | (800) 831-7133



Oob 421 Aq Auto Pool Covers1 Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers Inc., manufacturer of custom automatic pool covers for vinyl liner, fiberglass and gunite pools, has created a slip-resistant coping that will be included on all its systems in 2021. This coping is sand-infused to create a texture that makes the surface slip-resistant and safer for users walking around the pool.
automaticpoolcovers.com | (800) 878-5789



Opp 421 Aq Thursday Pools Sm

Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools has created a kid-friendly video about water safety that can be looped on an iPad or similar in pool stores, so kids are learning while parents are shopping. The video is accompanied by a 10-page coloring book that follows the video to reinforce the pool and water safety messages included in the video. The "Ten Cool Pool Rules for Kids" booklets are free to pool professionals to give away in stores or leave with clients after service visits. To receive copies of the coloring books or to obtain a copy of the video to loop, contact Annie Brock at Thursday Pools: [email protected].
thursdaypools.com | (877) 929-POOL


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