Polaris by Fluidra EPIC Robotic Pool Cleaners

Polaris By Fluidra Cleaner

Fluidra introduces the new Polaris EPIC series of robotic pool cleaners for 2021. The EPIC 8642 iQ, EPIC 8640 and EPIC 8520 offer new technology features, including a rear-flow outlet to propel the cleaner up inclines and obstacles as well as a dual-traction motor enabling brushes to rotate independently. These cleaners incorporate a track wheel design, making them ideal for climbing walls and stairs while creating a strong area of suction. All three cleaners come standard with Cyclonic Vacuum technology, a large filter canister and Polaris’ Easy Lift Removal System. Additionally, each EPIC cleaner features the new double helix split-brush composed of strategically staggered rubber blades.
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