July 2014 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products

Master Spas Master Spaswww.masterspas.com(888) 552-7727

Master Spas has announced the debut of an app they say will take swim spa workouts to the next level. Designed to work with the company’s Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas line, the SwimNumber App, or SNAPP, is an easy-to-use, customizable app that intuitively changes the speed of the water current at timed increments while the user is swimming. Metrics like distance, calories, time, etc. can be easily documented and stored. In addition, users can enjoy preprogrammed Smart Workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) and videos. With an optional waterproof case and a heavy-duty smart device mount, the user can conveniently position an iPad in the swim spa while exercising. SNAPP is available to download through the Apple App Store.

Little GiantLittle Giantwww.lg-outdoor.com(800) 701-7894

Because circulation is the key to a healthy aquatic environment, Little Giant pumps are the heart of any pond water feature. The company’s new F Series wet rotor water feature pumps offer flexibility from the start. Designed to tackle any job, they can be submersed or used externally and stand both vertically or horizontally. The included pre-filter makes these pumps ready for any decorative water application, and NPT threads and SPG fittings are built in, making plumbing attachment a breeze. F Series pumps are available in flow rates from 1250gph up to 7100gph while utilizing only 150 to 660 watts of power.

Splash-A-Round PoolsSplash-A-Round Poolswww.splasharoundpools.com(909) 980-7709

The new NOAIR solar heat square is a new solar heating cover by Splash-A-Round Pools. The cover has several exclusive features such as the “No Flip Lip” that keeps the cover anchored to the water surface in windy conditions and a large coverage area. In addition to keeping pool water warm, the cover also helps reduce water evaporation and chemical loss. As its name implies, no air is required to inflate the NOAIR, nor is deflation required for off-season storage. The cover is unsinkable by design, contains no metal parts to rust and comes with a three year limited warranty.

HaywardHaywardwww.hayward.com(908) 351-5400

Hayward Pool Products announces the introduction of SwimClear C7030, its largest-capacity cartridge pool filter yet. Delivering 700 square feet of effective filtration area, it is the largest and most efficient cartridge filter in the residential pool market, the company says. The SwimClear C7030 offers heavy dirt holding capacity for extra-long cycles between cleanings and will operate up to an entire season without cleaning. All SwimClear models include energy-saving hydraulics to lower the cost of operation, large internal plumbing, easy internal access and more.

Asia ConnectionAsia Connectionwww.asiaconnectllc.com(434) 738-3980

Asia Connection’s patent-pending Programmable Timers can effortlessly control filtration equipment with natural light — the pre-set day cycle is activated by sunlight, while the pre-set night cycle is activated by darkness. The timers can save energy with the various setting options; users simply press to program 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-hour running cycles for day and night or a 24-hour cycle. Available in 15- or 20-amp models.

Passion SpasPassion Spaswww.passionspasusa.com(855) 355-3088

Passion Spas, headquartered in the Netherlands, has announced the launch of its extensive swim spa line into the global market, including North America. The company currently offers seven swim spa models ranging from 4 meters to 9 meters in length, some of which incorporate a separate spa within the larger unit.

Latham PoolProductsLatham PoolProductswww.lathampool.com(800) 833-3800

Latham Pool Products introduces new rigid polymer panels for easier installation and added strength. Exclusive Graphex, Elite and Deluxe corrosive free polymer panels reduce the problem of thermal expansion experienced by traditional polymer panels, making them easier to align for installation of cantilever copings and auto-covers, the company says.


SeaKlear is pleased to offer a new shock oxidizer for spas in its popular water treatment pod format. Consumers looking to quickly clean their hot tub water can simply toss a SeaKlear Shock Pod into their hot tub after each use, and the pod will go to work oxidizing organic contaminants such as skin, perspiration, lotions and oils to reduce sanitizer demand. And because the SeaKlear Shock pods control the formation of chloramines, unpleasant odors are minimized or eliminated. This convenient toss-and-go pod dissolves in water — meaning no more measuring, waste and messy chemicals to touch and accidents to clean up, the company says.

Delta UVDelta UVwww.deltauvcommercial.com(866) 889-8765

DeltaUV, a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet technology in North America, now offers its low-pressure ultraviolet sanitizer (ELP Series) in a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. Unlike plastic pipe, schedule 80 type, HDPE is fused or welded together, almost completely removing the possibility of leaky joints. The material is corrosion resistant and will not support biological growth, making it ideal for salt pools and corrosive environments. Flexible, fatigue resistant and UV protected, this new material offers a cost-effective, long-term, permanent service life of 50 to 100 years. Easy to install and maintain, the ELP Series in HDPE is a perfect fit for high-end residential or smaller recreational pools with 50 gpm up to 400 gpm flow rates, the company says. The ELP Series offers bacteriological control results that exceed standard requirements and provide the highest level of disinfection and dechloramination efficiency.

Imperial PoolsImperial Poolswww.imperialpools.com(800) 444-9977

Imperial Pools announces the introduction of the new Gray Granite Step to its line of thermoformed molded pool entry systems, benches and coves. The Gray Granite textured step gives dealers another option to offer consumers in addition to the standard white and gray steps currently offered by the company. The new Gray Granite step features the patented Tread-Loc Support System, patented Trimline Collar and patented Faceplate System. Available in 16 different models and shapes.

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