Sneak Peek Alert: New Products at the PSP Expo

There's tons of reasons to get excited for trade show season. A big one: It's when manufacturers big and small reveal their latest offerings. Below you'll get just a taste of what you can find at next week's PSP Expo — if you see anything you like, make sure to see it in person! 

LonzaLonzawww.poolspacare.comBooth 2426

GLB Algimycin 3000 algaecide is the newest algaecide from the GLB brand. It contains two active ingredients, including zinc sulfate monohydrate, to provide long-lasting protection from algae. It kills and prevents green, yellow and black algae, is stable in pool water and compatible with all pool surfaces.

AQUASALTAQUASALTwww.aquasalt.comBooth 2126

AQUASALT is produced using the evaporated food grade salt process in the two newest and most technologically advanced salt plants in the U.S., which yield the highest purity salt possible, the company says. The product is available for pool and spa chlorine generators. Visit the booth to learn more about AQUASALT, and visit AQUATIPS on the website for easy-to-understand guidance on saltwater pools.

RB Control SystemsRB Control Systemswww.rbcontrolsystems.comBooth 1402

RB Control Systems software manages retail and service on PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops and helps you work faster and more efficiently. With every transaction, you are also tracking inventory and sales trends. Manage scheduling, revolving service, customers, sales leads, marketing, receivables and more. With the consolidation of retail and service into a single system, regardless of your business size, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment, the company says. 2308

The innovative WaterLink Spin lab tests a customer’s pool or spa water in just 60 seconds. The photometer measures 12 different pool and spa water care parameters, including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron, borate, biguanide and biguanide shock. To see the WaterLink Spin lab in action, stop by the booth at the PSP Expo or visit the website.

BioGuardBioGuardwww.bioguard.comBooth 3002

Soft Soak TRIO is a three-month spa care system that provides soft, clean spa water in just three simple steps with no measuring required. Paired with a sanitizer of choice, TRIO softens the water, maintains clarity, removes contaminants and prevents buildup on equipment. One kit treats 350 to 450 gallons with pre-measured dosing that makes treatment a breeze.

Sider-CreteSider-Cretewww.sider-crete.comBooth 5114

Sider-Proof FF-PR is a roll-on cement-based pool plaster and resurfacing coating for concrete and plaster swimming pools. Packaged as a kit and easy to apply with a standard paint roller, this advanced coating can also be used to waterproof waterfalls, fountains and concrete ponds. The product is suitable for residential and commercial applications and compatible with hot tubs and both chlorine and saltwater system applications.

Evosus Software Ipspe ImageEvosuswww.evosus.comBooth 2013

The new version of Evosus, 6.3, contains several new features including the ability to view real-time item availability at SCP Distributors LLC and Superior Pool Products LLC, a seamless integration with WaterLink Datamate 10 by LaMotte, the ability to import budgets into Evosus and a quick and easy credit card reconciliation process. Also new is the Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service, a proactive way to safeguard business data and ensure minimal interruption in business flow when data restoration is needed.

Pegasus ProductsPegasus Productswww.pegasus-products.comBooth 2011

Since 1982, Pegasus Products has manufactured vinyl pool liners for inground and aboveground pools. They can craft custom liners for any pool regardless of shape or size. Drop by the booth to see their pattern options.

S.R.SmithS.R.Smithwww.srsmith.comBooth 5507

S.R.Smith’s newest slide, the Rogue2 is an enhanced version of the classic Rogue Grand Rapids, a favorite among swimming pool owners across the country. The new Rogue2 shares the same retro look and feel of the original Rogue, yet has an improved rotomolded flume for increased stability and durability. It’s been carefully engineered for both performance and safety, with a wide, sturdy ladder and high flume walls.

LonzaLonzawww.poolife.comBooth 2426

Poolife Bromine+ is a form of brominating hydantoin for pools. It is easily adapted to many of the erosion feeders used to automatically treat both commercial and residential pools. Bromine+ doesn’t reduce pH or affect hardness, has a low odor and won’t bleach hair or bathing suits for better bather comfort.

Delta UVDelta UVwww.deltauv.comBooth 4906

Delta UV Ultraviolet Solutions is displaying its BlueLine UV Series — a new line of UV products to fit any size pool — as well as its EL LITE UV designed specifically as an affordable sanitizing system for semi-commercial pools. Easy to install and maintain, these systems remove the smell of chlorine, destroy microorganisms and prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair. Made in the USA.

Beluga Pool SolutionsBeluga Pool Solutionswww.belugapool.comBooth 2223

You know that when a garden hose sits in the sun for even a short time, the water is warm when you turn it on. Beluga Pool Solutions took that logic and applied it to their new product, a device that can direct water from your pool’s filtering system through a garden hose to heat any size pool with solar energy.

Water TechWater Techwww.watertechcorp.comBooth 2202

Pool Blaster PRO pool vacuums are designed with the pool cleaning professional in mind. Completely self-contained, each unit includes two rechargeable batteries for up to three hours of continuous operation as well as three reusable filter bags.

Strong SpasStrong Spaswww.strongspasdealers.comBooths 2623, 2820 and/or 2825

Strong Spas has launched its latest lounger/non-lounger acrylic model, the Edge. The Edge is identical to the company’s popular G-2 roto model in size, but has an acrylic shell and a wood-look cabinet. The Edge is available with an optional hardcover and features a standard built-in ice bucket/tray.

Genesis 3Genesis 3www.genesis3.comBooth 213

Genesis 3, the educational leader in watershape design, build and engineering, will offer an extensive list of courses at the upcoming PSP Expo. The lineup will begin with Basic Pool Construction School and Perspective Drawing classes, followed by Design Schools: Pool Studio, Commercial Pool & Waterparks and Basic Fluid Engineering. Genesis 3 will offer additional courses in its Lifestyle booth; these courses are free to show attendees. CEUs and LACES PDH credits will be offered.

Spa DollySpa Dollywww.spadolly.comBooth 2707

Since 1994, the SpaDolly trailer has transformed spa deliveries from backbreaking work to a simple task that can be accomplished by a single person. This year, the company is proud to announce the Aluminum SpaDolly System. The lightweight design allows “one handed” placement of the trailer while retaining the same balance and toughness of the original SpaDolly trailer.

Jack’s MagicJack’s Magicwww.jacksmagic.comBooth 1117

The Natural Multi-Enzyme Super Pacs from Jack’s Magic can treat 20,000 gallons of pool or spa water for two weeks with just 1 oz. of product. Super Pacs are not affected by 50 ppm chlorine levels and offer twice the shelf life of liquid enzymes. Super Pacs prevent the build-up of organic contaminants (scum line), improve filtration and water clarity and reduce chemical usage. The retail size contains (2) 1-oz. Super Pacs treating 20,000 gallons for a month; the service size is available in 1-oz. or 2-oz. Super Pacs); and the 25-pound commercial size (1-oz. or 2-oz.) is equivalent to a 60-gallon drum of liquid enzyme.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool Productswww.lathampool.comBooth 3802

Latham Pool Products is fully committed to the fastest growing segment of the pool industry: fiberglass swimming pools and spas. Now with eight manufacturing locations and six distribution centers, Latham has the broadest manufacturing footprint, enabling the most cost effective and quickest delivery in the industry. In addition to geographic proximity, Latham has the widest array of models and colors, the company says.

CoverstarCoverstarwww.coverstar.comBooth 3802

Coverstar’s automatic safety covers offer exclusive design and manufacturing features to ensure strength and performance. The company uses a proprietary process to heat-seal webbing around a polymer bead and weld it to the cover in one step. Heat-sealed webbing is much stronger and longer lasting than traditional sewn-on webbing, the company says. Coverstar also offers stainless steel mechanisms for strength and reliability.

Haviland Pool & SpaHaviland Pool & Spawww.havilandpool.comBooth 1211

New from Haviland is Salt Support, a three-step program that actually improves saltwater pools. Salt Support uses patented technology to make saltwater feel better and balance easier while helping equipment last longer. Salt Support features three service products formulated to make salt pools virtually problem-free.

Allied InnovationsAllied Innovationswww.alliedinnovations.comBooth 2415

Allied Innovations is a manufacturer and distributor of genuine brand controls and hard-to-find replacement parts including Len Gordon, Spa Builders, Brett Aqualine, Gecko, Aqua-Flo and more. Visit the booth at the PSP Expo for free giveaways and specials, or visit the website for real-time pricing, images and product inventory updates. 4331

The Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is made to withstand the harshest elements and the toughest pets, making it a true safety cover, the company says. Covers are UL listed, meet ASTM safety standards and won’t absorb water or buckle under heavy loads. Each cover is custom made with a variety of colors available.

Splash-A-Round PoolsSplash-A-Round Poolswww.splasharoundpools.comBooth 2729

The new NOAIR solar heat square is a new solar heating cover by Splash-A-Round Pools. The cover has several exclusive features such as the “No Flip Lip” that keeps the cover anchored to the water surface in windy conditions and a large coverage area. In addition to keeping pool water warm, the cover also helps reduce water evaporation and chemical loss. As its name implies, no air is required to inflate the NOAIR, nor is deflation required for off-season storage. The cover is unsinkable by design, contains no metal parts to rust and comes with a three year limited warranty.

Cover ValetCover Valetwww.covervalet.comBooth 4211

At the PSP Expo, Cover Valet will unveil the AirO Spa Cover, the next generation of spa covers. The company says the AirO is like no other spa cover on the market and will provide both dealers and customers a new option in the replacement cover market that is safe, cost effective and efficient.

PAL Lighting USA/Horizon Pool and Spa PartsPAL Lighting USA/Horizon Pool and Spa Partswww.pallightingusa.comBooth 2907

PAL LED Optics is the industry’s first LED swimming pool perimeter and water feature light. Color control is achieved with the included handheld remote or an optional app for all smart phones. PAL LED Optics can be installed as a standalone system or seamlessly integrated with all new and existing PAL Color Touch light control systems. Can be used in all pools, aquatic features, and landscape applications, including commercial installations.

Little GiantLittle Giantwww.lg-outdoor.comBooth 1208

The Little Giant APCP1700 Pool Cover pumps are designed and certified specifically for pool covers. The pump’s unique design offers stability and the weight is just right for attracting water. A side discharge allows for optimal water removal and fewer kinks in the hose. The built-in handle makes it easier to carry and place. The integrated float switch automatically activates in approximately 2 inches of water. The APCP1700 can move up to 1700 gallons per hour and comes with an adapter that fits all standard garden houses.

UnicelUnicelwww.unicelfilters.comBooth 4625

Unicel offers a full line of replacement filter elements and DE grids made to exact OEM specifications. They include replacement pleated elements for all makes of pool and spa cartridge filter systems, replacement rectangular DE grids (center port, top port and offset top port) and replacement vertical DE grids for both up-flow and down-flow filter systems. The annual Unicel Replacement Guide is a comprehensive compendium of technical specs for equipment.

Byron OriginalsByron Originalswww.stepnstow.comBooth 2816

Byron Originals is proud to offer industry-leading products such as Sure Step II and Sure Step Lite spa steps, as well as Ultralift, one of the most versatile cover lifters on the market today. Byron’s steps offer quality, durability, numerous color options and simple setup, while Ultralift’s patented slide mounting brackets offers multiple mounting options for nearly any size spa.

Tulipani EnterprisesTulipani Enterpriseswww.swimspasplus.comBooth 5725

Tulipani Enterprises is excited to announce the Jog Spa, the world’s only jog-in-place spa, the company says. Two river jets, powered by two 5-hp pumps, create the current for users — both children and adults — to jog, walk, sprint or row against. For relaxation, the spa boasts 50 jets strategically placed in three locations for maximum therapy benefits. The spa comes with a steel frame, cover and steps. Features include top-side control, 11 kw heater, LED lights and fountains.

King TechnologyKing Technologywww.kingtechnology.comBooth 3016

King Technology is exhibiting its line of Fresh Mineral Water products from FROG, for water that is cleaner, clearer and softer than water produced by standard chlorine treatments or salt systems. Consumers give FROG products a 90 percent+ satisfaction rating while FROG dealers appreciate the company’s repeat business model and MAP policy that protects the FROG value. Visit the booth for a free catalog or to take advantage of show specials.

Industrial Test SystemsIndustrial Test 2020

Industrial Test Systems’ latest innovation, the new eXact iDip Smart Photometer, is the perfect solution for accurate, poolside water testing. This first-of-its-kind technology provides two-way wireless connection (via Bluetooth) with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. With the eXact iDip’s GPS-enabled feature, it’s easy to keep track of customers and store/share results and testing history.

SilkBalanceSilkBalancewww.silkbalance.comBooth 4226

Since 2008, SilkBalance has offered dealers a high-end business opportunity with high margins. The SilkBalance spa water care system provides users with silky smooth water and dealers with continuous cash flow that increases the value of their businesses. New is the 38-oz. bottle, which lasts an average of two months and complements the traditional 76-ounce value bottle.

PristineBluePristineBluewww.pristineblue.comBooth 5220

PristineBlue is the cornerstone of an effective, affordable, chlorine-free system and is used to control algae and bacteria in residential swimming pools and spas. Copper ions are the active ingredient; these ions bond with a unique carrier to allow the introduction of sufficient “biologically active copper” to control both bacteria and algae. PristineBlue is an EPA-registered algaecide/bactericide* (*non public health bacteria) and compatible with chlorine. The system is applied every two weeks after initial startup.

Valterra ProductsValterra Productswww.valterra.comBooth 2610

Valterra Products offers the small cartridge filter and pump combo from Blue Devil. The pair, which includes the 25-square-foot B8377 cartridge filter with a Âľ-hp pump, is ideal for easy up-style pools and small splash pools, the company says. Cartridge filters are manufactured with strong, reliable ABS material, while the high-capacity cartridge elements are made of Reemay and have a precision-engineered extruded core that provides extra strength and maximum flow. A skid pad with mounting hardware and a filter-to-pump union are included. Features a one-year warranty.

CMPCMPwww.poolbubbler.comBooth 3007

Upgrade any backyard pool design with the only LED bubbler for gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools: Brilliant Wonders LED Bubblers. Ideal for sun shelves, tanning ledges, beach entries, ponds, fountains and more, the LED Bubblers can shoot 10 to 30 inches high and can be synchronized with other units or with LED pool lights. Nine colors and five light shows available to create a one-of-a-kind lighting environment.

LaticreteLaticretewww.laticrete.comBooth 706

HYDRO BAN is a thin, waterproofing, anti-fracture membrane that rapidly dries, allowing you to tile and flood test just two hours after the final cure. It’s also ideal for flood testing in cold temperatures and over mortar beds, the company adds. Backed by a lifetime system warranty, HYDRO BAN does not require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners, and bonds directly to metal and PVC plumbing fixtures.

Natural ChemistryNatural Chemistrywww.naturalchemistry.comBooth 3417

Natural Chemistry’s Pro Series is a new line of products exclusively formulated for pool professionals. Whether you are part of a service company, an HMAC manager or take care of larger bodies of water, the Pro Series line helps you save time, money and headaches, the company says.

Spa Parts PlusSpa Parts Pluswww.spaparts.comBooth 1823

Spa Parts Plus offers an exclusive selection of top quality PROLine filter cartridges at competitive pricing. The PROLine filter cartridge’s construction meets the high quality standards our customers have come to expect from Spa Parts Plus. PROLine filter cartridges are specifically designed to insure you get durability and great filtration quality. We maintain a large inventory of PROLine filter models compatible with nearly every major spa manufacturer.

Leisure ConceptsLeisure Conceptswww.leisureconcepts.comBooth 3820

Smartop Hot Tub Cover is changing the way the industry views spa covers. Made with materials specifically designed for extended exposure to extreme outdoor conditions, Smartop is designed to last five times longer than traditional vinyl covers while providing four times the profit. Smartop covers are water retention-free.

AquaStarAquaStarwww.aquastarpoolproducts.comBooth 2023

AquaStar’s Fillable Friends offer a new twist on mosaic designs. Instead of using a tile-filled mosaic design, you simply fill the patented pre-fabricated stencil with any fillable media you want, transforming the stencil into a beautiful piece of art. Fillable Friend stencils can be filled with plaster, pebble, glass beads, concrete and more.

Taylor TechnologiesTaylor Technologieswww.taylortechnologies.comBooth 1817

Taylor’s sureTRACK Test Strips monitor the chemistry factors most important for bather health/comfort and the protection of pool/spa surfaces and equipment. These dry chemistry formulations are as reliable as liquid kits, the company says. Free phone app and sureTREAT user website are included for easy at-home testing. To test, the user dips the test strip into the sample, snaps a photo and receives custom treatment recommendations linked to his/her subscriber account.

VaclessVaclesswww.vacless.comBooth 4823

The Automatic Air Relief Safety Valve AR300 is designed to guard against possible injuries or even death due to the accidental blow offs from filters. Easily retrofitted to existing pool and spa filters (for both residential or commercial projects), the valve provides immediate release of entrapped air inside a pool filter. Installing this valve in place of an existing pressure gauge or an existing manual air relief valve is strongly recommended, the company adds.

Tallman PoolsTallman Poolswww.customfiberglasspools.comBooth 3012

Tallman Pools and Custom Fiberglass Pools are leading the industry with impeccably built fiberglass pools, exceptional customer service and comprehensive marketing support. Pools come with a 50-year structural warranty, and the company offers free freight on your first pool order.

Solar Sun RingsSolar Sun Ringswww.solarsunrings.comBooth 1605

Add free heat to your pool with the power of the sun with Solar Sun Rings, a unique swimming pool cover. These rings utilize patented heating technology that absorbs sunlight and converts it into usable, sustainable solar heating for swimming pools. 

PleatcoPleatcowww.pleatco.comBooth 4207

The filtration needs of spas are very specific and fundamentally different in many ways from pools. With that in mind, Pleatco researched, developed and created the first premium performance filter cartridge optimized for spas. Pleatco Advanced SPA Filter Cartridges are made from an exclusive, heavier point-bonded filtration fabric with finer fibers that provide better flow, higher dirt holding capacity and longer performance life that simply outperforms competitive medias, the company says.

SpazazzSpazazzwww.spazazz.comBooth 4535

Spazazz is excited to share its line of novelty crystals: His & Her Aromas. Offered in three opposite-themed aromas — Poker Night/Bunco Night = Play All Night, Break Up/Make Up = Fire & Ice and Work it In/Sweat it Out = Work Out — the new line is designed to inspire intimacy.

WaterwayWaterwaywww.waterway plastics.comBooth 4602

Waterway’s new NEO 2100 Spa Pack is an innovative control system that features 64 different configurations. This state-of-the-art electronic circuitry also provides external equipment and topside panel connections, modular equipment expansion, toggle terminal connection and a sophisticated electronic thermal sensing system. The simple design with elegant housing is offered with 2 choices of topside controls and is engineered for easy installation with user-friendly self-diagnostic capabilities.

Floatek InnovationsFloatek Innovationswww.floatekpoolcover.comBooth 2431

Floatek is a 2005 U.S. pioneer-patent-awarded swimming pool cover that simultaneously prevents heat loss from the water surface while also working as a safety cover. The cover is comprised of a series of tiles that are assembled to cover any size pool. Because the cover acts as an insulator, energy and operating costs are reduced by up to 80 percent, which quickens the user’s return on investment and helps meet environmental targets.

Bullfrog SpasBullfrog Spaswww.bullfrogspas.comBooth 3420

Bullfrog Spas continues to expand its A and R Series offerings by introducing striking new colors and improved cabinet looks for 2015. In addition, Bullfrog Spas will be introducing brand new spa products sure to make an impression on showroom floors, the company says.

HaywardHaywardwww.hayward.comBooth 4202

The new Hayward AquaVac 500 robotic cleaner comes equipped with a microprocessor-based program that determines the most efficient cleaning path possible and uses up to 94 percent less energy. Its dual-mode technology makes it possible to choose from two cleaning programs: fast bottom only or a deep full bottom, wall and waterline cleaning. To use, pool owners simply select the cleaning frequency that best matches their pool debris load.

Marquis SpasMarquis Spaswww.marquisspas.comBooth 3814

Book an appointment with Marquis in Orlando to review the 2015 hot tubs, swim spas, accessories and programs — the company may pay up to $1,000 for you to see its manufacturing center in Independence, Oregon. To make an appointment, contact Bill Wells at 503-871-7850 or [email protected].

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