Glad To Be Back in Vegas

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Scott Webb“What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in New Orleans goes home with you.”— Laurell K. Hamilton, fantasy and romance novelist

Not exactly sure what Laurell is referring to, but I have to say that I’m really glad to be back in Vegas for this year’s IPSPE. Some people liked last year’s venue; I am not among them. And I can’t believe I’m watching myself write these words, but I missed the old den of iniquity.

Affection has crept over me unawares. I’m completely surprised to find it — like an alien sock turning up in the laundry basket. Where did that come from?

And now I’m delighted at the prospect of touching down on an airstrip where I can look out the window of the plane and see my hotel room, right across the fence.

A few highlights from this year’s show that might be worth your time:

• Monday’s Town Hall Meeting, 4 p.m. We’ll get a chance to meet APSP’s new CEO, Richard Gottwald. With a change in leadership, there’s some real energy building at our trade association, and in this open discussion I think we’ll get some idea of APSP’s new strategic direction.

• Tuesday night’s Welcome Party, right after the show closes. It’s at the new LIGHT Nightclub, which by all accounts puts on a mesmerizing light show at regular intervals, providing a refreshing conversational pause if needed.

• As always, make sure to pick out some improving seminars, offered every day of the show. We previewed a few of these in the pages of AQUA over the last three months: retail store design by Barbara Crowhurst, service department revenue growth by Matt Gohlke, soils analysis for builders by Neil Anderson and recent legislative changes in the pool and spa industry by Steven Getzoff and Seetal Tejura. If you liked these stories, make sure to get the full report in person.

Most of all, don’t forget to make the time to sit down with a few those people you really like, but only see once a year at the big show. If you miss that chance, in my opinion, you’ve missed the whole point.

Scott Webb

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