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From the family with young children to the couple with pets and a penchant for entertaining, your customers always keep safety in mind when enjoying their pool or spa — and they expect you to do the same. Luckily, there are a slew of products on the market intended to guard, protect and serve your customers around the clock. Here are just some of the best safety products available to put their minds at ease.

Cover ValetCover 730-7727

The Spa Side LED Handrail is a user-friendly spa-side assist product that provides 360 degrees of movement to allow for easy spa entry and exit. The product includes a locking feature that enables the handrail to be fixed in any position for increased safety and peace of mind, as well as an attractive carbon gray powder coat accented by the new battery-powered LED mood lighting, which is located on the interior curve of the rail. The Spa Side Handrail slides under the spa cabinet for complete installation and requires no hardware or assembly. 365-7446

The Aqua Sensor Espio and Swim Alert are the industry’s top-rated pool alarms, the company says. Aqua Sensor’s proprietary sub-surface pulse analysis technology can distinguish between true water disruption and water surface “noise,” meaning fewer false alarms and maximum protection. 448-2343

GLI is excited to announce the new and improved HyPerLite cover. This cover provides the same great high performance as the GLI HyPerLite, a 30 percent lighter cover than competitors’ standard solid covers, with improved features for 2013, the company says. Among the new features is the Sure-Flo Full Length Drain, which provides an increased flow and surface drainage area while still blocking sunlight, dirt and debris from entering the pool. The cover, available in green, blue and taupe, is ideal for custom shapes and large rectangular pools.

The Cover CompanyThe Cover 707-1122

The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles, are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing. 560-7665

SmartPool offers the PoolEye PE23 pool alarm, an advanced immersion alarm that reads surface and subsurface waves to protect against unauthorized pool entry. The PE23 has been designed to conform with ASTM Standard F2208, and can be used for aboveground and inground pools up to 20 feet by 40 feet; an additional alarm may be used for larger pools. The PE23 comes with an in-home remote receiver and a magnetic key for activating and resetting. 992-6837

The new 9000MX winter safety cover combines strong, self-draining mesh material with heavy-duty suspension springs. Backed by a 20-year warranty, the 9000MX cover also offers practically 100 percent UV protection, meaning water gets through and light does not, inhibiting algae growth to make pool openings easier and cleaner. Available in an exclusive designer pattern, CoverLogix covers are custom made in six days with quotes within one hour.

Pen FabricatorsPen

Pen Fabricators’ CleanLine safety cover has absolutely no stitching anywhere on the cover and does not use straps across entire length and width of the cover — meaning no more ugly cross straps, the company says. The cover is manufactured with reinforced vinyl materials and weighs less than traditional safety covers. The CleanLine cover is easy to install (freeform pools use 10 to 15 percent fewer springs and anchors), conforms to ASTM safety standards and ships with cover pump. 815-6083

Fabcote offers a line of powder-coated safety rails for swimming pools and spas. The company’s state-of-the-art, in-house powder coating facility uses an electro-static process that evenly drives the coating material into and around all rail surfaces, producing a durable finish to resist corrosion. Made of high-grade 304 stainless steel, these rails are ideal for increased safety in the pool area, the company says. Both standard and custom rails and ladders are available. 737-5386

Inter-Fab offers a complete line of handrails and ladders for the safe entry and exit of swimmers. Inter-Fab offers custom rails and ladders and hundreds of standard off the shelf rail goods like “deck-to-deck” mounted stair rails as well as “deck-to-stair” mounted handrails. All rails are available in standard stainless steel or can be upgraded to one of five custom powder coat colors. A variety of safety grab rails and spa rails are also available for immediate shipment. 348-2600

Due to increased demand for safe steps that blend with the pool liner, Plastimayd offers three new textured and printed floor patterns for steps, benches, swim-outs and sundecks. The new textured material is available in Plastimayd’s top three selling floor patterns: Bluestone, Sandstone and Seaglass. 562-5667

BABY-LOC Removable Fencing is the first removable fencing good enough to come from LOOP-LOC, and is a convenient, cost-effective way to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool, raised deck or dock. Available in heights of 41⁄2 feet or 5 feet, choose from premium fiberglass or aluminum poles. Matching, neutral-colored caps fit snugly into deck sleeves when fence is removed, and BABY-LOC rolls up for fast storage when not in use. 553-5320

VynAll offers a textured material for inground pool liner stairs that is specifically designed to be more slip-resistant than standard vinyl material, the company says. Called PosiTrac, the product is made from thick, 26-mil fabric and is available in five colors that are sure to coordinate with the client’s preferred liner choice. In addition, three new printed patterns are now available in Sandstone, Gemstone and Bluestone. 337-4680

Inlays says it offers the most extensive depth and safety product line in the industry, with products for a variety of surfaces for both new construction and renovations, including safety edge and field tile. All products are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Visit the website to see the entire product line.

Sprint AquaticsSprint 235-2156

Ideal for aquatic therapy, Sprint’s Water Walking Assistant can improve balance and gait by providing support to the upper body while helping increasing strength in the legs. The high-quality PVC makes for uncompromisable integrity, while the oversized foam provides both comfort and buoyancy, the company says. The handles are padded as well, and the Water Walking Assistant is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Merlin IndustriesMerlin 289-1836

Exclusively from Merlin Industries, the SmartMesh safety cover is the only mesh safety cover to provide 100 percent shade and 40 micron filtration, the company says. The cover is offered in green, tan or blue at no additional charge.

Safety TurtleSafety 943-3349

Safety Turtle is the most effective last line of defense to protect children and pets, the company says. Simply attach a Turtle to your child or pet, and an alarm sounds at the base station the instant he or she ventures into the water. New extended range systems are available for aquatic facilities, as well as SOS sensors for lifeguard buoys and panic buttons.

D&D TechnologiesD&D 716-0888

The TruClose self-closing safety hinges have been upgraded with the new TruClose Series 3 hinges, which feature improved strength and advanced patented tension adjustment features. In addition, the top-selling hinges are now available with optional decorative trim covers in black, brushed or chrome, providing homeowners the opportunity to coordinate locks and lighting features with gate hardware — all while keeping fasteners hidden. 831-7133

Acu-Trol, a division of Pentair Aquatic Systems, offers an alarm system on its AK110 controller that notifies homeowners and operators when pool or spa water chemistry or temperature is out of tolerance to ensure swimmer safety. Alarms are activated by sensor measurements, and both pH and ORP alarms disable disinfectant feed. The alarms automatically page up to eight different phone numbers to prevent health hazards.

Meyco ProductsMeyco 446-3926

Meyco Products has added the heavy-duty RuggedMesh and lightweight PermaGuard solid covers to its product selection. In addition, the company’s original, patented MeycoLite Mesh is available in several color options. Meyco says it incorporates state-of-the-art technology, ensuring principles of innovation and integrity in every pool cover the company manufactures, from the simplest rectangle to the most-elaborate custom forms. 617-7283

Coverstar’s automatic safety covers feature patented heat-sealed webbing, shown in independent testing to be more than twice the strength of typical webbing sewn to a cover, the company says. A new wifi-enabled touchpad alerts the homeowner by text or email when the cover is used. Coverstar can typically ship custom mesh and solid safety covers in just four days; automatic safety cover systems typically ship in 48 hours.

Fox Pool CorporationFox Pool 723-1011

The EZ VIEW steps from Fox Pool Corporation use the liner floor pattern over the steps with an additional white or blue ‘stripe’ welded on at the point where the riser meets the tread. The stripes are approximately two inches wide on the tread with an additional two inches on the riser — making it easy for swimmers to see the steps going in or out of the pool.

Aquatic TechnologyAquatic 446-6416

Aquatic Technology’s ADA-compliant Swim Safe Stairs are an economical option for a secondary means of ADA access, the company says. Customized to fit your pool floor and gutter measurements, the stairs are lightweight and portable, with reinforced railings made from high-quality, stain-resistant material. With 3⁄4-inch treads, the stairs also feature an anti-skid embossed surface and a design that limits entrapment hazards. The stairs can hold up to 500 lbs. and are available in 3-, 4- and 5-step models. 562-5667

LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Covers are the only pool covers strong enough to stand up to just about anything Mother Nature has to offer. No other cover meets such tough quality control standards, and no other manufacturer is more committed to delivering a superior product and exceptional service. As a thanks for their customers’ loyalty and support over the company’s 35-year history, LOOP-LOC Safety Covers ship free in 2013.

Pentair Aquatic SystemsPentair Aquatic 831-7133

Pentair Aquatic Systems is pleased to offer its LX80 Commercial Pool/Spa Control System that provides easy access to the emergency shut-off switches for any aquatic environment. This user-friendly integrated control system includes pool and spa on/off, two time clocks to control daily filtration and a built-in cool down cycle for gas heaters. The LX80 is waterproof and uses low voltage, offering excellent safety protection against electrical shock. The emergency shut off switch is capable of shutting off all spa and pool related equipment including the filter pump, jet pumps and air blowers. The unit is designed to meet safety requirements of city, county and state authorities.

Afras IndustriesAfras 230-0011

Afras Industries, which manufacturers utility/submersible pumps, pool cover pumps, noise reduction products, check valve products and VGB-compliant drain covers, has introduced a universal high-capacity sumpless drain cover for new construction as well as for retrofitting most rings and sumps. This drain cover has been certified to the latest ASME 112.19.8 with a rate of 188 GPM for floor and 160 GPM for wall mounting.

Vacless SystemsVacless 701-6200

Vacless Systems manufactures and sells safety vacuum release systems (SVRS). These SVRS devices can be used on residential as well as commercial pools, spas and water features. The Vacless unit requires no tools, no cutting of existing plumbing and no calibration upon installation. Units are certified and meet the requirements for the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Vacless is a CPSC-approved SVRS manufacturer. 447-2838

Cover-Pools’ automatic pool covers offer numerous benefits for swimming pool owners, but the most important benefit is that they prevent drowning, the company says. As a safety device, the Cover-Pools cover acts as a horizontal fence, completely sealing off the pool to prevent access by children, pets and uninvited visitors. 374-7405

The Vac-Alert Pump Shutoff/Alarm Control (PSAC) works with the Vac-Alert SVRS to eliminate residual hold down force on the main drain by simultaneously turning off the pool pump and providing a dry contact for an external alarm. The PSAC must be manually reset to avoid accidental pump restart that might impair rescue efforts. The PSAC is best used on pumps located on a level below the pool.

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