AQUA's Roundup Of Pool And Spa Safety Products

To co-opt and slightly alter a popular advertising adage, safety sells. The following companies offer a wide range of safety products that do the double duty of keeping customers safe while keeping registers ringing. One really can do well by doing good. 553-5320

VynAll offers CoverLogix in New SunGuard Mesh — a safety cover fabric created with the latest technological advances. SunGuard's lightweight, ultra-fine weave filters out sunlight and up to 40 microns of debris, yet allows water to drain through, VynAll says. SunGuard Mesh safety covers are also designed to keep algae down for cleaner pool openings in the spring.

Pool Cover Specialists, Nat'lPool Cover Specialists, Nat' 369-5152

Pool Cover Specialists, Nat'l is a wholesale manufacturer, providing the largest selection of safety pool cover systems in the industry to pool professionals located throughout the world, the company says. Assembled with the finest materials available and designed specifically for durability, PCS says its cover systems represent state-of-the art pool cover technology. Every model exceeds industry-wide safety standards and will provide years of trouble-free, easy operation, according to the company. 426-6873

Inlays has a new plastic stick-on depth marker for installation on vinyl liners, stainless steel and fiberglass pools. The 4-1/4-by-5-1/2-inch plastic stick-on has a smooth surface, radius corners and a very thin 1/16-inch profile. The depth marker has an easy-to-install, self-adhesive backing. 815-6083

Fabcote now offers a line of powder-coated safety handrails for swimming pools and spas. The surface of the rails are evenly coated using an electro-static process that drives the coating material into and around all surfaces, the company says. All Fabcote rails are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel and are can be powder-coated in white or new designer gray color to match the backyard décor of the entire swimming pool area. Custom rails are available with fast turnaround times to meet design specifications. 737-5386

Inter-Fab offers a complete line of handrails and ladders for the safe entry and exit of swimmers. Inter-Fab offers custom rails and ladders to order and hundreds of standard off-the-shelf rail goods like "deck-to-deck" mounted stair rails and "deck-to-stair" mounted handrails. The former are available in both three- and four-bend configurations and either standard or braced. The latter are available in both two- and three-bend configurations. All rails are available in standard stainless steel or can be upgraded to one of five custom powder coat colors. 359-5350

Pen Fabricators, manufacturer of vinyl liners and winter covers, says it has created a revolutionary new safety cover that does not use straps across the entire length and width of the cover. This new, solid safety cover has absolutely no stitching anywhere on the cover. It is manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials and is lighter in weight to create a "clean line" cover that is extremely attractive, Pen-Fab says. The cover is also designed to be easier to install, conforms to all ASTM safety standards for a swimming pool safety covers and is shipped with a cover pump, the company says.

Pentair Water Pool and SpaPentair Water Pool and 831-7133

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics is now offering the StarGuard line of main drains, frames and grates that meet ASME/ANSI A112.19.8a-2008 standards as well as the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act, according to the company. The products are designed to add a layer of safety protection for swimming pools, Pentair says.

Guardian Pool Fence SystemsGuardian Pool Fence 366-7233

Guardian Pool Fence Systems says it has been approved to meet the building codes for the State of Florida. The company also says it has approval in California after being certified to meet ASTM F-2286, and Guardian was recently approved to meet the City of Los Angeles building code after designing a sleeve that prevents their fence from being removed from the decking, according to the company.

Merlin IndustriesMerlin 289-1836

Merlin calls its SmartMesh the ultimate in safety cover innovation. SmartMesh is designed to provide 100 percent shade against sunlight, thus reducing or eliminating the chance of algae formation under the cover while still allowing clean water to pass through. SmartMesh filters debris as small as 40 micron, according to Merlin, making it like putting a filter over the pool for the winter. SmartMesh weighs 40 percent less than solid material and meets or exceeds all A.S.T.M safety standards, according to the company.

Terrapin CommunicationsTerrapin

Terrapin says Safety Turtle is the world's leading personal immersion alarm, used near pools to protect people and pets, and on pool lifeguards to alert the front desk of a water rescue. Seniors and water physiotherapy patients can wear Turtle visors to alert if their head fully submerges. The Safety Turtle wireless gate/door alarm with adult bypass switch uses with the same base station.

Jerith Mfg CoJerith Mfg. 344-2242

Jerith says its maintenance-free ornamental fencing offers the elegance and protection of traditional wrought iron without the associated maintenance. The fences' structural aluminum construction makes them as strong as steel, but they will never rust, Jerith says. The fences are available in a variety of heights, colors and styles that will add prestige to any property, according to the company. The fences are made in the United States and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Custom Molded ProductsCustom Molded 733-9060

CMP's channel drains offer proven safety in unsure times, the company says, adding that its drains are listed with IAPMO R&T and certified for single- or multiple-drain use. Even though this product is "unblockable," as defined by ASME A112.19.8b-2009, these drains were subjected to the body entrapment testing at IAPMO to ensure the safety of the product, the company says, and the flow ratings reflect the results of the body entrapment testing.

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence SystemsProtect-A-Child Pool Fence 992-2206

Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Systems now offers new "unbreakable" fiberglass support posts in its line of removable mesh pool fencing. These new posts feature a solid fiberglass core allowing a lifetime unbreakable warranty. This assures greater safety and a pool fence that will never become bent, crooked or broken, according to the company. New colors and heights are now offered in both of the company's aluminum and fiberglass fence lines.

Maytronics USMaytronics 365-7446

The AquaSensor line of pool alarms, from Maytronics, is designed to offer uncompromising safety with a minimum of false alarms. Maytronics says its patented Swim Alert and Espio pool alarm systems are in use today in over 700,000 swimming pools worldwide. Both alarm systems dependably sense an 18-pound-or-greater person or pet entering the pool, either accidentally or without your permission, the company says, which triggers alarms within seconds. In addition, sub-surface pulse-analysis technology can distinguish between true sub-surface water disruption and water surface "noise," the company says.

Plastimayd LLCPlastimayd 348-2600

Plastimayd LLC offer CoverLogix with DuraGuard — a safety cover fabric that is 30 percent lighter weight than traditional solid safety covers, according to the company. This lightweight, coated fabric has all the advantages of a traditional laminated solid cover, providing a complete barrier to water, dirt, debris and sunlight. 560-7665

SmartPoolThe PoolEye PE23 pool alarm has been designed to conform with ASTM Standard F2208. The PE23 is an advanced immersion alarm that reads surface and subsurface waves to protect against unauthorized pool entry. It can be used for aboveground and inground pools up to 20-by-40 feet, and an additional alarm may be used for larger pools. The PE23 comes with an in-home remote receiver and a magnetic key for activating and resetting. 837-8961

The Safe-N-Secure safety cover system, by Covertech, is a safety and winter cover combined into one. Covertech covers help users save on water, operating costs and protection against unwanted entry into the pool, the company says. The Safe-N-Secure safety cover is available in standard mesh, deluxe mesh and solid-material design and comes in black, green, blue and taupe. 447-2838

Cover-Pools invites you to help your customers get a safer, more energy-efficient, more economical pool or spa in under a minute by offering them the benefits of a Save-T 3 automatic safety pool cover, Step-Saver manual pool cover, or Autosave compact spa cover.

Cover-Pools custom cover systems are designed to complement pools with a wide selection of automation, power and architectural options. The technologically advanced systems allow for easier installations and dependable operation, according to the company.

Commercial FabricsCommercial 695-9438

Commercial Fabrics has been making spa covers since 1985 to protect your customers' spas and save them money in heating and maintenance costs. Commercial Fabrics spa covers feature premium marine-grade vinyl and a range of tapers and densities. Cores are heat sealed in 4-mil-thick poly and double wrap is available for extra protection against moisture. Available accessories include cover lifters, spa steps, custom spa pillows and more.

Vacless Pool and Spa Safety ProductsVacless Pool and Spa Safety 822-5377

Vacless Systems owns, manufactures and sells 12 versions of safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) used on commercial or residential pools. The Vacless unit requires no tools, no cutting or gluing of existing plumbing, no calibration, and installs easily in minutes. The company says its units are all IAPMO certified and meet the SVRS requirements for Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Vacless adds that it is a CPSC approved SVRS manufacturer.

Aquamatic Cover SystemsAquamatic Cover 262-4044

With the Hydramatic, an all-fluid hydraulic automatic safety cover; and the new HydraLux, the world's only hydraulically driven trackless automatic cover, Aquamatic Cover Systems says it can cover virtually any pool design. With installation available worldwide and the longest, most complete warranties, according to the company, you can have peace of mind while providing the cutting edge in technology in your pool design.

Eureka Manufacturing CoEureka Manufacturing 472-1712

Eureka Manufacturing says its ASME A112.19.8-2007-certified anti-entrapment drain covers are designed to offer the highest standard of safety while providing a professional look. They are made of durable 12-gauge stainless steel with an aesthetically pleasing skid-resistant finish, and require very little maintenance, according to Eureka. The covers are available in four sizes and are relatively easy to install, Eureka says.

Paramount Pool & Spa SystemsParamount Pool & Spa 621-5886

Paramount's MVFuse, which the company says is the only listed magnetic safety vacuum release system (SVRS), now has an additional layer of anti-entrapment safety protection. MVFuse is available in two applications; the Canister MVFuse, for existing Paramount debris collection canisters; and the Deck-side MVFuse, designed to work with any pool suction application.

Afras IndustriesAfras 230-0011

Afras Industries, manufacturer of utility/submersible pumps, pool cover pumps, noise reduction and VGB-compliant drain covers, introduces a universal high capacity drain cover that is says safely retrofits to most rings and sumps. This drain cover has been certified to the latest ASME 112.19.8, with a rate of 188 GPM for floor and 160 GPM for wall mounting, Afras says.

Adolph Kiefer and AssociatesAdolph Kiefer and 323-4071

Adolph Kiefer's Standard 40-inch Lifeguard Rescue Tube is designed to offer increased durability with strapping that runs the full length of the tube. It can be used for throwing to or for towing a swimmer and is made of vinyl dipped Ensolite to give a softer feel, while quick-release buckles reduce incidence of swimmer injury on contact, the company says.

Vac-Alert IndustriesVac-Alert 374-7405

The Vac-Alert safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a self-monitoring, non-electrical, low-maintenance safety system that responds in milliseconds to an increase in pump suction vacuum that can be caused when someone is trapped, the company says. The system's spring-loaded piston reacts quickly, opening to the atmosphere and releasing the life-threatening system suction.

Viking SpasViking 254-9736

Viking Spas introduced a slip-resistant tub surface last November that Consumers Digest says, "seems to distinguish itself from all other surfaces that are on the market." Designed to appeal to every demographic, this latest advancement is meant to assure a safer entry and exit for spa users.

The Cover CompanyThe Cover 707-1122

The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. Builders looking for a quote can fax or e-mail a drawing.

Waterway PlasticsWaterway 981-0262

With its new 32-inch Ultra Strip Drains, Waterway says it continues to lead the way in producing VGB-Compliant drains, grates and suctions for the pool and spa industry. Waterway 32-inch Ultra Strip Drains are available for vinyl, fiberglass and concrete pool applications, are unblockable and add an extra layer of protection, Waterway says. In addition, all are available in a variety of colors.

Coverstar LLCCoverstar 617-7283

Coverstar automatic safety pool covers provide safety, convenience and energy efficiency unparalleled in the industry, the company says. Unique features such as patented heat-sealed webbing eliminates sewn stitching, providing significantly longer webbing life and improved cover operation. And, stainless-steel components offer enhanced durability and protection against the harsh pool environment.

SonarGuard Swimming Pool Security SystemsSonarGuard Swimming Pool Security 943-3349

The AquaGuard Pool Alarm is a comprehensive alarm that meets the ASTM standard, the company says. There's no installation needed, the device automatically rearms, it operates via remote control and has status indicators. Instantly alarms inside and outside to ensure complete safety, the company says, and does not need to be removed when the pool is in use.

BABY-LOC Removable FencingBABY-LOC Removable 562-5667

BABY-LOC is the first removable fencing good enough to come from LOOP-LOC, according to the company. It provides a convenient extra layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool, raised deck or dock. The fencing exceeds U.S. Consumer Product Guidelines with height of 4-1/2 feet to better protect children, the company adds.

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