Teaching Future Generations How to Swim

photo of instructors teaching kids to swim

When you teach a kid to swim, you teach generations of kids to swim. Because research shows it’s an inherited skill — children of swimmers tend to become swimmers, too.

Generations of swimmers were created in New York State last summer where Learn to Swim programs were held with the support of the National Swimming Pool Foundation. A total of 560 children learned to swim, to say nothing of the thousands who will come after them — their children and grandchildren.

“We are so pleased to stand shoulder to shoulder with New York State Parks learn-to-swim programs, said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO, of non-profit National Swimming Pool Foundation who launched the Step Into Swim campaign to create a million more swimmers. Together, we are making a life-long difference in the lives of kids today and generations to come. Learning to swim is an important part of water safety; it’s a skill that gets passed to future generations protecting these kids’ grandkids, and is the best exercise you can have,” he added.

To learn about programs for children, check out www.SwimToday.org to find a local school; NSPF also sponsors SwimToday.

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