APSP Chips In 20K For Drought Campaign

Scott Webb Headshot

APSP has joined the effort to provide a clear voice for the industry in drought-stricken California with a donation of $20,000 to the California drought relief campaign, Let’s Pool Together. The money was awarded through APSP's charitable foundation, World of Recreational Water.

“For some time now we've been working with the California Pool & Spa Association, IPPSA and others to create a unified industry response to this crisis,” Rich Gottwald, APSP CEO & president said.

“We’re pleased to join APSP members in California, especially our Southern California and Sacramento Chapters and others, in this effort to educate pool and hot tub owners on ways to conserve water and to tell the real story of recreational water consumption. With this sizable donation to the Let’s Pool Together campaign by the WRW, the pool and hot tub industry are in a stronger position to promote water conservation efforts and to explain how recreational water can actually save water consumption in other areas.”

Gottwald noted that APSP is keenly aware that droughts are occurring in other areas of the country, and plans to use effective strategies from the California effort elsewhere. “Through this donation to the California effort, we are sharing in the development of tools and tactics that can be applied to other areas of the country when drought occurs. But we need to hear from you before water restrictions are put in place. Please contact me to let me know how we can help with drought issues in your region.”

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