National Plasterer's Council Searching for New Leader

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It’s a time of change for the National Plasterer’s Council. After 10 years, Mitch Brooks is stepping down from his position as executive director. Brooks, the CEO of Visioneering Consultants Inc., which has collaborated with the NPC for the last decade, cited personal reasons as the motive for his resignation.

As a result, the NPC is in the early stages of a search for a replacement and has begun by forming a search committee. In the meantime, NPC Chairman Edgar Sanchez, also the COO of Modern Method Gunite in Houston, Texas, is serving as the interim executive director.

According to Sanchez, the NPC is open to another partnership with a management company like VCI. However, the executive director role may instead be split into two roles: an administrative position for day-to-day tasks and an event management position responsible for the annual conference. While the NPC hopes to find a solution before the annual conference in February, Sanchez stressed that the organization will take the time it needs to find the right fit.

“We’re taking this time to re-evaluate where we want to go as an organization and reestablish our goals so we can find the perfect person, or persons. We’re open to multiple ideas,” Sanchez says.

To manage the coming conference in Nashville, the NPC has hired former AQUA staff member Katie Wilke-Junker.

“This is giving us the opportunity to ramp up the show a little bit. It’ll have a little bit of a different feel, and we are really excited about that,” Sanchez says.

Brooks may be moving on, yet Sanchez says the process of finding new leadership is banding the NPC together.

“Our current board is awesome and very engaged in this process of wanting to find somebody, defining who we are and really having an excellent conference. We want to show folks that we’re an incredibly viable organization,” he says.

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