Sell Pools in the Metaverse

Thursday Pools Metaverse Aspen Pool

Thursday Pools, manufacturer of fiberglass pools, is pushing the innovative envelope with a unique new marketing tool for its dealers — The Metaverse Aspen Pool!

Designed to help pool dealers stand out from their competitors, Thursday Pools has created a complete Thursday Pools Metaverse world in which potential pool owners can experience how the company’s popular Aspen pool design will feel in their backyard.  

To experience the Thursday Pools Metaverse World, customers just need an ocular device, now common in households with gamers. Dealers and their customers can put on their ocular device and ‘meet up’ in the Thursday Pools Metaverse, and together, can spend time in a virtual backyard in which the Aspen Pool has been installed.  

Users can sit in an adjacent spill-over spa, experience the pool’s sundeck, the pool’s water depth and see how the pool will ‘look and feel’ in the backyard. Built by the company’s creative team, Media Fuel, the virtual backyard also has seating areas, a pool house and games built-in allowing users to toss darts, play pong or enjoy a drink on a comfortable couch.

“Being able to experience the Aspen Pool in the Metaverse is a really fun way to show a prospective customer how the pool will feel in their backyard,” explains Jeff Kivett, founder and visionary at Media Fuel in Indiana. “Dealers can have ocular VR headset devices in their showroom for clients to use, or prospective clients can meet dealers in the Metaverse from the comfort of their home.”  

Metaverse sales, or “MetaSales” is an emerging sales channel that is becoming much more commonplace as companies look to give consumers the ability to test and try out products to be sure the product meets their requirements. Thursday Pools has embraced the Metaverse platform to increase customer engagement by showcasing the Aspen Pool in this immersive, 3D environment.

“I think this Metaverse platform is fantastic,” says Ryan Coyle, founder and president at Vive Exterior Design in Fishers, Ind. “This platform is a great way to show clients exactly what the pool looks like because sometimes, people are a little concerned, for example, if the sundeck lounge area is going to be big enough. It’s great to be able to give customers the opportunity to walk on to the actual platform and show them what it's physically going to look like; it really gives us an advantage as a dealer as well.” 

“This new interactive platform gives consumers the opportunity to experience The Aspen Pool and this Metaverse experience increases the emotional connection the client will have to the product enormously,” says Annie Brock, director of business development for Thursday Pools. “It also makes the shopping experience something they won’t easily forget, which is a huge advantage for our dealers.” 

Thursday Pools has brought the Metaverse to the pool industry with its Aspen Pool to give pool professionals a unique way to stand out from their competitors, provide clients with a unique shopping experience and could even entertain children in the showroom while their parents purchase the pool!  

To learn more about the Thursday Pools Metaverse call (877) 929-POOL or email [email protected] or see the Thursday Pools Aspen Pool in the Metaverse here. 

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