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You have to meet customers where they are. And mentally speaking, where are potential pool and spa customers? — In the backyard! With that in mind, Latham Pool Products has undergone a complete rebrand centered on the backyard lifestyle.

The rebranding includes a complete redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics and collateral with an aspirational, lifestyle-oriented focus designed to appeal to today’s style-savvy homeowners.

“We took a look at what we were doing and decided to make some bold changes,” says Jodie Davis, director of marketing and brand communication at Latham.

The appeal of the new look is obvious at a glance, with images evoking dreams of a day spent by a sparkling clean pool on a warm summer day. The fresh, aquatic motif evident in the new branding images was no accident, Davis says. “The essence of everything we do is water. Even life in general is made of water. So in the color palette and the tones we used for the rebranding — even though there are greens in it, we associated that with plants, which also depend on water — there are lighter, softer colors, which represent the fun side of pools. Even down to the word mark — the Latham script — you can see waves along the bottom. Every single detail was carefully considered to make sure we are accurately representing who we are and what we do.”

The rebranding of Latham will go beyond images, Davis says. “We’re changing how we do everything.”

The new approach will feature direct consumer marketing to build the brand and encourage potential pool buyers to seek out local Latham dealers.

“We know from our research that most homeowners don’t know the brand of their pool,” Davis says. “They associate it with their builder or dealer. They know it’s inground, but they don’t know if it’s fiberglass or vinyl or gunite. So we want to go directly to consumers in order to educate them and drive them to our dealers saying, ‘I want a Latham pool.’”

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