January 2016 New Spa & Pool Products

Oom 116 Aq Tile

Oom 116 Aq Sm

Avenue Mosaic is excited to unveil its collection of new tile designs. The Tea Box collection (pictured in Blue Lady) consists of 1-by-1-inch tiles, each showcasing a unique blend of wispy brushstrokes in soft tones. Individually, no two tiles are alike ā€” but together, they make a stunning artistic statement. Available in four colors.
avenuemosaic.com | (216) 245-6306



Ooc 116 Aq Sm

Cal Spas
Cal Spas is proud to introduce the Swim-Pro F-1325, the newest member in the Ultimate Fitness Swim Spa family. Thanks to its bench seating, the Swim-Pro is the largest capacity swim spa on the market with seating for more than 10 people, the company says. Also included on the Swim-Pro is Swim Spa River Jet II, two powerful swim jets offered by Cal Spas for resistance swimming against a smooth current adjustable to any fitness level, and multicolor underwater LED lights.
calspas.com | (800) CAL-SPAS



Oob 116 Aq Sm

CMP is excited to announce the new Brilliant Wonders 1.5-inch LED Light. The light's high-performance, nicheless design installs in any 1 1/2-inch pool wall fitting, locks into place with a quarter turn and offers the industry's first IP68 quick disconnect for easy serviceability. Cree LEDs provide a perfect balance of brightness, energy savings and longevity. Built-in CMP Smart Sync technology allows users to synchronize with lighting and controls from major pool OEMs. With more than a dozen full-color, stainless and two-tone interchangeable designer faceplates, the new light offers an attractive and distinctive installed appearance, the company says.
c-m-p.com | (800) 733-9060



Oof 116 Aq Sm

Ultimate Pool
The Ultimate Pool ā€” a pool that can be installed inground, aboveground or semi-inground ā€” is now available in a new Grecian shape. Designed for easy selling and installing, this pool can be used in virtually any backyard as an elegant upgrade from traditional aboveground pools and can even be installed in sloped backyards.
foxpool.com | (800) 723-1011



Ooa 116 Aq Sm

Almost Heaven Saunas
Almost Heaven Saunas will soon offer a new line of infrared saunas called the Radiant Series. The new line will comprise three models manufactured exclusively for Almost Heaven Saunas by Harvia, a world leader in the industry. These saunas are 2 to 3 inches taller than most infrared saunas, and also boast triple-layer, extra-large carbon fiber heating panels, beautiful hemlock construction, red cedar accents and tasteful backlighting. Other standard features include light therapy, Bluetooth audio, exterior accent lighting, and more.
almostheaven.com | (888) 355-3050



Ool 116 Aq Sm

SeaKlear is pleased to announce the introduction of PhosKlear 4000. Phosphate removers work by turning phosphates into filterable solids, a process that can cause pool water to become cloudy. The new PhosKlear 4000 combines a powerful phosphate remover with the best-in-class SeaKlear Natural Clarifier.  PhosKlear 4000 is uniquely formulated to remove phosphates while keeping water crystal clear. This product removes 4,000 ppb of orthophosphates per 10,000 gallons of water, making it ideal for mid-range treatments and weekly phosphate prevention, the company says.
seaklear.com | 866-99-KLEAR



Ooi 116 Aq Sm

Lucite SPA
Lucite SPA, a leading maker of cast acrylic for spa surfacing, announces two new colors in its Metallix Series. Champagne Dreams (below, top) is a chic and sophisticated rosy-taupe color with a touch of pearl, while Deep Waters (far bottom) is a rich, dark shade of blue that creates an inviting sense of depth. A spa made from Lucite cast acrylic has the strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use, the company says. Available in a wide array of textures and colors that won't fade over time, Lucite cast acrylic resists everyday wear and tear, stains and superficial scratches.
lucitespa.com | (800) 4-LUCITE



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DigiQuatics is a mobile and web-based app designed specifically for pool managers. Developed by former aquatics professionals, the service aims to eliminate paperwork, automate operations and manage staff scheduling and communications all in one place. Try a three-month free trial, and DigiQuatics representatives will personally work with you and your staff to hit the ground running, the company says.
digiquatics.com | (800) 594-2816



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LaMotte Company announces the new ColorQ TesTabs PRO 4 handheld pool and spa professional photometer. The ColorQ TesTabs PRO 4 measures four basic pool and spa tests: free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD) and pH. As a bonus the ColorQ can also measure total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid with optional reagents sold separately. The photometer is easy to use and includes 100 instrument-grade TesTabs per factor packaged in blister-style foil. The ColorQ eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations, thus taking the guesswork out of poolside water analysis.
lamotte.com/pool | (800) 344-3100



Oog 116 Aq Sm

Zodiac Pool Systems introduces its new Jandy Pro Series corona discharge ozone generators, featuring ceramic plasma technology that sets a new standard in corona discharge reliability, the company says. The Jandy corona discharge system design has eliminated the most vulnerable components typically found in a CD ozone generator, i.e., glass and stainless steel, which are typically the first materials to corrode and lead to catastrophic failure of traditional CD systems.
jandy.com | (800) 822-7933



Ooe 116 Aq Sm

Evosus has launched a new version of its popular Mobile Service application for field technicians. The app was redesigned with simplicity in mind, with an intuitive interface so techs can find information fast, streamline data entry and complete tasks on time. Evosus Mobile Service integrates with Evosus Timecards, allowing technicians to record timecard entries while in the field. In addition, the Mobile Service app provides the ability to enter internal notes for office staff, email or text customers directly from the app while in the field, upload photos and auto-mark items as delivered. Available on both Android and iOS devices.
evosus.com | (866) 235-5103


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