October 2015 New Spa and Pool Products

Spl1015 Rico Rock Tile

Looking for something new? Check out this list of some of the newest stuff on the market:


Spl1015 Catfish By Water Tech Sm

Water Tech
Water Tech now offers spa retailers the perfect add-on sale for spas — the battery-powered Catfish offers the convenience of hose and cord-free operation and has a high-flow vacuum motor and a rechargeable battery that quickly recharges in four hours. This unit can remove leaves, pine needles, sand, hair, pebbles, twigs, acorns. The Catfish also fits any standard pool pole. The innovative E-Z SNAP locking cap and push on/off button makes this cleaner easy to use, while the Max-Cone Technology compacts all the dirt so more fits in one bag.
watertechcorp.com | (800) 298-8800



Spl1015 E Es Delta Uv Sm

Delta UV
Delta UV now offers its E-Series low-pressure, high-output Clean Light Technology unit for improving air and water quality in residential pools. The E-Series is particularly effective at reducing chloramine smells on indoor pools while simultaneously disinfecting pool water. Available in either stainless steel or PVC housing with a high-output, low-pressure lamp that lasts up to 16,000 hours. Different sizes available to accommodate flow rates of 31 to 110 GPM. deltauv.com | (866) 889-8765



Spl1015 Pool Pal Mda Sm

PoolPal USA
When a main drain cover won't attach due to broken screws, PoolPal USA's Main Drain Adapter is an ideal solution. The MDA is universal and includes all hardware to attach most VGB main drain covers, solving a previously dangerous situation in about a minute, the company says.
poolpalusa.com | (877) 825-POOL



Spl1015 Rico Rock Sm

RicoRock is pleased to offer four pre-cast rock options for waterslide access. The first option provides "steppers" for use in a hillside or mound application; they are easy to cut and adapt to any setting. The other options feature pre-cast staircase pieces. For a flat setting, these large pre-cast rock pieces can be mortared to a concrete slab. Sleeves for handrail posts are provided in the system and an internal concrete column provides stability for the top piece. There are three configurations available to meet the height requirements for the most popular fiberglass slides 7-, 10- and 15-feet in length.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100



Spl1015 Hayward Sm

The new Super Pump VS 115V is specifically designed as an easy drop-in replacement for 115V single-speed pumps. In addition, it is the only 115V variable speed pump with a permanent magnet motor for energy efficiency. The pump is Energy Star approved and ideal for applications with 1.5-inch plumbing. Other features include a built-in time clock and an intuitive user interface that can turn in four different directions or be mounted on the wall.
hayward-pool.com | (888) 429-9273



Spl1015 Spa New Corners Environment 2 Sm

Cal Spas
Cal Spas' new C-LITE Corner Cabinet Lighting is a great way for spa customers to upgrade a Cal Spas hot tub with energy-efficient LED lighting on all four corners of the spa, as well as on the front panel of the Cal Preferred cabinet.
calspas.com | (800) CAL-SPAS



Spl1015 Control Omatic Nsf Approved Sm

ControlOMatic is pleased to announce NSF 50 approval for its line of chemical automation pool equipment, so pools in all 50 states can take advantage of the MiniWarden and PoolWarden models. The approvals also include UL1563 and CSA C22.2#218.1-13. The standard covers equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and other recreational water facilities. To meet the requirements of the latest NSF standard, modifications were made to the owners' manuals, software and even the circuitry.
poolwardentraining.com | (530) 205-4520



Spl1015 Magenta Stuff Quart Sm

Jack's Magic
The Magenta Stuff is well known by pool and spa professionals as a great startup and maintenance product for controlling plaster dust, metals and minerals. Many are also finding The Magenta Stuff can assist in reducing existing scale that has built up on tile and other surfaces above the waterline. After making sure the water chemistry is properly balanced, raise the water level to above the tile line and add the appropriate initial dose of The Magenta Stuff. Allow the water to remain above the tile line for approximately two weeks, and Magenta will do the rest.
jacksmagic.com | (800) 348-1656



Spl1015 Wireless Sm

Harwil Wireless
Harwil Wireless' switch control eliminates the cost of the wire, installation and maintenance. It has a range of 1000 feet and includes a sending unit attached to the switch and receiving unit that attaches to the device (pump). Use to control water levels in a tank, detect moisture intrusion or line breaks, or remotely control equipment during installation or service. This system is ideal for temporary and portable applications.
harwil.com | (800) 562-2447



Spl1015 Inter Fab Sm

Inter-Fab now offers a vinyl pool liner anchor that allows pool professionals to easily add in-pool tables and stools within a vinyl liner pool. Ideal for mounting on sun shelves, tanning ledges and shallow ends, this anchor allows vinyl liner pool customers to have a table on a tanning ledge or a swim-up table with bar stools. Tables are available in 16-inch or 30-inch round options (with a cup holder option on the 30-inch size) in 10 different color choices.
inter-fab.com | (800) 737-5386



Spl1015 Pqn Sm

PQN Audio
PQN Audio announces an improved, complete line of audio transducers suitable for virtually any industry need. The SpaTM, SpaT and SpaTFX offer quality construction and are ideal for spa, sauna, bath and hidden audio applications. All PQN transducers are IP68 and CE certified for years of proven trouble-free performance. The SpaTFX Premium Audio Transducer produces 50 percent more output for superb audio performance. All PQN transducers can withstand high temperatures and are 100 percent waterproof.
pqnaudio.com | (805) 794-6475



Spl1015 Almost Heaven Sm

Almost Heaven Saunas
The new Bluestone indoor sauna seats two or three people and measures 47 inches deep by 70 inches wide, making it ideal for homeowners with limited space. The Bluestone is the company's first product to feature LED interior lighting, which is installed behind the Western Canadian red cedar back rest that runs the length of the room. This lighting provides a soft, diffused glow that creates a subtle ambiance and encourages deep relaxation. Made of high-grade hemlock and fir in a tongue-and-groove profile that is easy to assemble.
almostheaven.com | (888) 355-3050



Spl1015 Conger Concepts Sm

Conger Concepts
The Build to Suit Cart from Conger Concepts makes it easy for pool technicians to build carts to best fit their needs. Pictured is an example of a custom-ordered electric cart intended for servicing negative edge pools, ponds and fountains. The cart can accommodate large filters, like the 150-square-foot filter and 1-hp pump pictured here. Cord lengths are optional depending on application.
congerconcepts.com | (805) 235-4586



Spl1015 Intermatic Sm

Intermatic now offers the PX50 Safety Transformer for pool and spa use. This new addition to Intermatic's PX Series of transformers is a code compliant, 50-watt safety transformer designed to supply underwater pool lights, submersible fixtures and outdoor garden lights with 12 to 14 volts. The PX50 has been specially designed to operate reliably in harsh environments such as high heat and humidity, and despite exposure to the chemicals typically found around pools and spas. Designed with safety in mind, including circuit protection and a grounded shield between primary and secondary windings to ensure safe operation.
intermatic.com | (815) 675-7000



Spl1015 Eco 3 Sm

FILBUR Manufacturing
FILBUR Manufacturing announces the new ECO3-300 Retrofit Replacement Cartridge Kit for the Pentair System:3 to offer dealers and end users an alternative for System:3 replacement cartridges. By employing a patented, molded manifold to the System:3 housing, FILBUR is able to offer the same unique dual-cartridge configuration with the addition of its own DirtMaster technology.
filburmfg.com | (888) 424-9185


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