Latham Acquires Vinyl Liner Manufacturer

Latham Pool Products, North America's largest manufacturer of swimming pool components, has acquired Plastimayd, one of the nation's oldest manufacturers of swimming pool vinyl liners, along with its affiliated brands. The move adds Plastimayd and VynAll liners and CoverLogix safety covers to Latham's roster of pool product brands, which includes Viking, Trilogy and Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pools; package pool brands Pacific Pools, Fort Wayne Pools, Kafko Pool Products, Performance Pool Products, Oasis Pool Products and Premier Swimming Pool Products; and Coverstar automatic, mesh and solid safety covers.
"We see this as a great marriage," says Latham President and CEO Mark Laven. "Plastimayd is one of the few pool products manufacturers in North America that have been around longer than we have. Latham is proud to be able to provide customers with additional choices by bringing Plastimayd's well-established, much respected brands under our product umbrella."
Plastimayd Vice President and General Manager Kevin Shea say joining Latham will bring a new level of resources to benefit his company, employees and customers. "We're excited to be a part of the Latham family," he says. "Latham has shown an ability and willingness to invest in its business to better serve its customers which we find very attractive. Latham's long history in the industry mirrors our company's, and their record of innovation and leadership is very impressive."  
By joining Latham, Shea added, "our dealers will be able to continue to sell the brands that they and their customers know and trust, while gaining the advantage of Latham's Cash Back program, which is among the strongest in the industry. We are also very excited about the new resources Latham will bring to improve the value of all aspects of our business." 
Don Sommerville, Latham Chief Marketing Officer, says the move will "strengthen our position in a strategically important segment ā€“ aftermarket sales of vinyl liners and safety covers." 
Plastimayd's manufacturing facilities will join the 21 plants Latham currently operates across the U.S. and Canada, 5 of which manufacture liners and safety covers. "By expanding our manufacturing capabilities and geographic footprint, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of product choices, shorter lead times, and enhanced service," Sommerville says.  
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