Zodiac Improves Warranty Policy

Seeking to "further support the proper installation and operation of its pool equipment," Zodiac Pool Systems has updated its product warranties. 

The company's installation and/or operation manuals for all products, other than automatic pool cleaners and a select few others, already require the equipment to be installed by a licensed contractor who is qualified in handling pool equipment by the jurisdiction in which the product is to be installed. Zodiac is now adding a provision to its warranties requiring the same proper installation language in order to uphold the warranty. 

The warranty policy applies regardless of where the products are purchased and goes into effect immediately. In jurisdictions where no such state or local certification for licensing exists, the installer must be a professional with sufficient experience in pool equipment and maintenance. The full warranty explanation is posted online on the company‚Äôs website and applies to all products unless otherwise indicated in the relevant product manual or quick start guide. 

‚ÄúZodiac is doing everything we can to ensure the safety of pool owners and to prevent issues that might arise from improper installation of equipment, particularly, pumps, heaters and control systems," says Director of Global Product Safety & Compliance Shajee Siddiqui. "We have received very positive feedback and support from the industry for this enhancement to our warranty. All pool professionals know the importance of proper installation to help protect both the consumer and the investment made by consumers in their pools.‚ÄĚ 

The update to the warranty appears in most printed warranty literature for products manufactured after September 2012. However, it can take a few months for the update to be reflected in all whole goods packages shipped from warehouses. Consumers are being notified of the update through PR efforts, the company’s website, messaging-on-hold lines, and in conversations and correspondence with Zodiac technical support or field service personnel. Warranty labels will be added to all products specifying the notice in mid-to-late 2013.

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