Hayward Adjusts Aqua Connect Prices

AQUA ConnectHayward Pool Products is eliminating the monthly fee for its Aqua Connect Web Remote Pool Management. Aqua Connect Web was designed to help servicers monitor and identify possible problems remotely so diagnostics and adjustments can be made from anywhere. More than 100 pool and spa conditions, parameters and settings can be monitored, controlled and acted on from the office or from the road using any Wi-Fi device such as a laptop, Blackberry, Droid, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Aqua Connect Web allows servicers to differentiate their business from the competition and expand, reduce their service calls, inventory and chemical costs and performs energy audits, ultimately saving customers money.

“Aqua Connect is revolutionizing the service trade in many ways, not the least of which by increasing efficiency and competitiveness, while growing their businesses,” said Hayward Product Management for Automation and Backyard Synergies Greg Fournier. “Now without monthly subscription fee, the trade can reach out to pool owners who may have been skeptical about the need for Aqua Connect Web, particularly those with shorter seasons. Eliminating the monthly subscription helps servicers put the emphasis back on Aqua Connect Web’s No. 1 attribute, peace of mind their pool is always being watched over.”

For more information on Hayward Aqua Connect Web Remote Pool Management System, go to www.hayward.com or call 1 (888) 429-9273.

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