Zodiac Reaches Settlement in Antitrust Case

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Zodiac Pool Systems has reached a settlement in its anti-trust case. The company was one of four defendants involved in the lawsuit; as previously reported, Hayward Industries settled its suits in July

The lawsuit was originally filed against PoolCorp and alleged the company used its power as a distribution giant to intimidate manufacturers and prevent them from selling products through other channels. Eventually, the lawsuit was expanded to include the Big Three (Zodiac, Hayward and Pentair) on the list of defendants as well. 

According to an official statement, Zodiac has denied all allegations of wrongdoing throughout the process and firmly contends the allegations are “baseless.” Reaching a settlement was a means of avoiding protracted litigation and expense. 

Chief Executive Officer for Zodiac Pool Solutions Bruce Brooks says, “Zodiac was not the focus of this litigation and the allegations against Zodiac contained in these complaints are without merit. By reaching this settlement, we are able to put this matter behind us and move forward without distraction, fully focused on the customers we serve, thus growing our business and our industry.”

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