Your AQUA Live Spring Training Questions Answered

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Rachel Lesczynski, Show DirectorRachel Lesczynski, Show Director

Next month, industry professionals will come together for a premium training event: AQUA Live Spring Training, powered by PHTA Midwest Chapter, March 11-15, 2024, at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort in Oak Brook, Ill.

The purpose of this five-day event is to elevate the Midwestern pool and spa industry through education, networking and fun at an affordable cost in an accessible location.

In order to get a better understanding of what this event will entail, the show's director, Rachel Lesczynski, elaborates on what to expect:

AQUA: Why should Industry professionals, especially those in seasonal areas, attend AQUA Live Spring Training, powered by PHTA Midwest Chapter?

Rachel Lesczynski, Athletic Business Media Inc.: "As lucky as we are to reside in the Midwest, it does come with its challenges — from climate to an abbreviated swimming season to perhaps a tendency to be overlooked by the larger pool-building states. We want to elevate the heartland industry through manufacturer training, certification, and top-notch education, as well as a chance to get in front of the newest products and make lifetime connections with like-minded professionals. Meeting other people from the area and coming up with solutions to further your business and yourself is invaluable.

"And I'd like to add that beyond the event, if you aren't already, I'd recommend becoming a member of the PHTA Midwest Chapter, as we have — it offers training, meet-ups and the opportunity to keep the connections you make throughout the year. It's a great group of professionals, and won PHTA's Chapter of the Year award in 2023."

AQUA: What will attendees take away from AQUA Live Spring Training?

RL: "Our goal in hosting this training is to have attendees leave with more than they came with, but making it easy to do so; sort of creating a one-stop-shop for everything pool and spa in the Midwest. And you can't forget the fun. Your days will be packed with the education and training you need to become more successful, while your evenings will be full of making memories with your pool and spa peers."

AQUA: How does this event differ from the AQUA Live Leadership Retreat?

RL: "Spring Training is different from the Leadership Retreat in that it is focused on providing education for the industry as a whole in the Midwest — no matter what your role. The Spring Training education is given by the best industry instructors and leaders, PHTA certifications, and Genesis will also be providing a two-day course. The AQUA Live Leadership Retreat is dedicated to the business leaders in the industry, providing them with education and networking for people like themselves from across the country."

AQUA: How can you register?

RL: "You may register at There, you will also be able to register for the PHTA certification courses (which are an additional fee) and view the schedule and program as a whole. Please note that you do not have to be from the Midwest to attend, but we promise you will leave with more of an appreciation for this special region of the country."

For more information and to register, visit:

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