CCEI Taps Sébastien Chéreau to Head Global Marketing Team

Sebastien Chereau Ccei HeadshotCCEI Pool is pleased to announce that SĂ©bastien ChĂ©reau has been chosen as the company’s marketing director not only in Europe and Africa, but also extending to CCEI operations in North America.  

CCEI is a manufacturer of automation and controller systems in the United States as well as lighting systems in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Africa with its head office located in France.

Sébastien holds a master's degree in management with a specialization in marketing/communications and was formerly employed by Xerox and Mercedes. Mr. Chéreau is responsible for managing the company’s global marketing efforts including the launching of new products and solidifying the company’s brand image across the globe.

“Sébastien is continuously analyzing the market in each country in which we operate supporting the company’s marketing and communications teams around the globe,” says Arthur Schutzberg, head of CCEI USA. “We are very pleased to have Sébastien helping our rapidly growing operations here in the Americas."

SĂ©bastien can be reached by email at [email protected].

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