Mark Raisanen Joins Bathing Brands

Mark RBathing Brands, one of North America's largest distributor of experiential bathing products, is excited to announce that Mark Raisanen is joining the company as vice president of retail programs.

Raisanen is bringing over three decades of industry experience to the team, having built up his previous company, Sauna360, into one of North America’s largest sauna and steam-heat bathing company.

“Bathing Brands’ passion lies in creating strong partnerships through providing innovative products and services to resellers throughout North America, so as soon as we heard Mark was leaving Sauna360, we wanted him to join our team. Mark’s kind of integrity is rare, and his years of industry experience and expertise in building up businesses makes him the perfect fit for our culture and to help our dealers grow their involvement in Experiential Bathing,” explains Dave Sadowski, CEO of Bathing Brands.

When Raisanen started working for what was then called Saunatec in March of 1992, it was a small but fast-growing business, with their sights set on becoming the largest and highest-quality sauna company in North America. “Our goal was to provide superior sauna products in North America and to bend over backwards with outstanding customer service,” says Raisanen. “I feel we were able to achieve that.”

Over his three decades at Saunatec/Finnleo/Sauna360, Raisanen held the roles of regional sales manager, national sales manager, general manager, and director of sales and marketing, among others. He's proud of the relationships he has built with customers and vendors alike over his storied career.

Raisanen credits his Finnish heritage for his original passion for sauna. All four of his grandparents were born in Finland, where sauna is a way of life, and he is thrilled to get back in the business of sharing the wonderful benefits of sauna and heat bathing with the world.

"Sauna is no longer a niche product, but rather a year-round wellness experience that helps you look better, sleep better, and feel better," states Raisanen. “I’m excited to join forces with Dave [Sadowski], Tina [Adams, president of Bathing Brands], and the amazing Bathing Brands team in bringing top-quality brands and excellent customer service to this growing industry.”

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