ControlOMatic, Inc. Names New GM

Melinda Control O Matic Gm ColorControlOMatic, Inc., a California manufacturer of saltwater chlorine generators for pools and spas, has named Melinda Kohnke as its new general manager. Former GM Kyle Garcia promoted Kohnke to the GM position when he reenlisted in the military in October of 2021. 

Kohnke’s education is in business and communications. She has worked very closely with Garcia for the past two years, collaborating on several projects and planning the trajectory of the company after his departure. 

“Kyle’s plans for ControlOMatic’s future included expanding our manufacturing capabilities, and bringing new and innovative products to market. We will realize these goals early in 2022, thanks to the amazing and dedicated team here at ControlOMatic,” says Kohnke.  

Kohnke's first order of business was to sell PoolWarden, the commercial chemical automation line of products, to former ControlOMatic employees, Gary and Alicia Baku, on January 1. PoolWarden products are now available through their Seaside Automation company, also located in California.

“Selling the PoolWarden line of products allows us to focus on improving our spa/swim spa chlorine generators with new mobile app features for chlorine detection, and to further develop a line of HOCl producers made for home, office, and commercial use,” says Kohnke. 

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