Pearl Pools Acquires CDC Pools, Expands Into Southwest Market

Pearl Pools has acquired CDC Pools, Inc., a recognized leading residential and commercial pool repair/renovation company in the greater Phoenix, Ariz., area.

Scott Flor, president/CEO of Pearl Pools stated, “Chris Jones and Roger Runyon, the founders of CDC Pools, have built a great company with a solid reputation for delivering high quality renovation work. From pool resurfacing to decking, electrical work, plumbing, lighting — you name it — CDC has a depth of experience and knowledge that really shows in their work and their loyal relationships with their customers. We are thrilled to have them as part of our family and hope to help them grow their presence in Phoenix and beyond.”

CDC Pools has been growing since its grassroots beginnings in 1990. For more than 30 years, CDC has been renovating pools with a comprehensive focus that ensures every aspect of the renovation experience is covered in detail. From the very beginning, the philosophy at CDC Pools has been about making sure all details are considered, reviewed, planned for and then repaired or rebuilt through the reconstruction process. CDC has a reputation for taking care of these details so that the long term performance of every renovation stands the test of time.

Chris Jones makes the point. “You have to fully uncover what is above and below the ground, whether it’s plumbing, electrical, decking materials, pump motors, heating systems, salt systems or lighting. Equipment and technology has changed so much over the years that there has to be depth of thinking and planning to make a project a real success for the customer. Success means something that lasts. That’s what we do.”

Chris’s co-founding partner, Roger Runyon adds, “Whether it’s a commercial pool or a residential pool, we don’t care if the job is big or small. What we care about is doing it right. That’s what delivers real customer satisfaction. Our quality work is well known, and we are very excited to bring that reputation together with Pearl Pools here in the southwestern U.S. We are looking forward to growing our business together.”

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