CYA Smart Alliance Builds Strength in Numbers

Industry professionals have continued to join the CYA Smart Alliance, founded by Clear Comfort, with the "intention to help meet customer demands for better, sustainable and consistent water care."

“We are happy to welcome the fast growing number of members and support them as they promote better water care,” says Clear Comfort CEO Steve Berens, a founding member of the CYA Smart Alliance. “The more industry professionals that commit to being CYA Smart, the quicker we can provide simplified water care to pool and spa owners.”

By joining the group, members dedicate their company’s water care methods to significantly reduce cyanuric acid overstabilization. According to Clear Comfort, addressing the ongoing cycle of chemical overtreatment leading to water and chemical waste from CYA is long overdue. The CYA Smart Alliance aims to stop the cycle, give pool and spa owners back control of their water and deliver a swimming experience focused on sustainability and consistency.

“The support and commitment the CYA Smart Alliance has experienced so far not only gives a promising outlook for the pool industry but for pool and spa owners as well,” says Zdenek Kratky, CMO at Sigura. “By coming together with one common goal, members are able to help each other and work collaboratively which has been missing from the industry.”

As a new member, Kevin Boyer, COO of Poolsure (Greater Texas) says, “We are thrilled to partner with a group of like minded companies to continue the work of smart pool chemistry education in support of our core mission of promoting safe water and healthy swimming across our service areas."

Clear Comfort says that the more growth the alliance gains, the quicker positive change will happen for the pool industry and for consumers wanting healthier water right now. The CYA Smart Alliance is proud to welcome its newest members including the following industry leaders:

To join the CYA Smart Alliance and get involved, please visit

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