Pool Troopers Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Pool Troopers is celebrating 70 years in business. Started in 1952 as Chittenden Pool Supply, it was purchased by the Crayton family in 1973, and the name changed to Bay Area Pool Service. Bay Area Pool Service grew rapidly over the years, and in 2017, it was re-branded as Pool Troopers when the company began its expansion in markets outside of the Tampa Bay Area.

Pool Troopers has always been a pool company that values team members and customers alike. VP of Operations Chris Neatherly has been an employee for more than 25 years. “Being a member of the Pool Troopers family is something I treasure," says Neatherly. "It’s exciting to be part of a company whose size provides for ongoing opportunities to evolve with the newest technologies for both homeowners and pool techs.”

“My pool is shiny clean. Max does a beautiful job on my pool every week, and every pool cleaner I have had has been extremely respectful. I have stayed with Pool Troopers because I get excellent service, and I’ll stay with them until I’m not here anymore,” says Janet Troupe, a 50-year customer of Pool Troopers.

Gary Crayton, Pool Troopers executive chairman, has been a part of the company since he was in middle school and returned to full-time employment 35 years ago. “A key to our success lies with staying true to the values which my father instilled in the company more than 50 years ago. Our family first culture and belief system are raising the bar on pool service nationwide.” 

Crayton’s vision of a national brand pool service company came to fruition when the company partnered with Shoreline Equity Partners in the fall of 2020. The partnership allows Pool Troopers to accelerate growth in existing markets and further expand throughout the sunbelt of the U.S. Shoreline is committed to Pool Troopers’ core values and supports the eight-tier belief system followed by all team members. 

Pool Troopers acquired Tri-City Pools in the spring of 2021. Jeff Adams made the transition from a Tri-City employee to Pool Troopers. “It was as seamless as possible," Adams says. "We were a part of the family from the beginning, and it brought our employees to the next level with more opportunities than we could have ever offered them. They’ve definitely got your back, and I can’t wait to see where we go and to be a part of it.”

“As the national brand, which was founded by pool people and run by pool people, we are committed to being backyard heroes in every sense. We continuously educate our employees, provide customers the freedom to enjoy their pools, and strive to maintain our leadership role in this industry. I’m excited to join Pool Troopers in their 70th year and be part of the future of pool service across the U.S.,” says CEO Mark Patton.

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