PoolAndSpa.com Celebrates 25 Years on the Internet

PoolAndSpa.com, a Florida based online retailer of swimming pool and hot tub parts and supplies, is clebrating 25 years in business on the internet.

The New York-based company Long Island Hot Tubs originally started the website as lihottubs.com in late 1993 and launched the site in 1994 as an offshoot of its retail hot tub store.

β€œWe opened our first hot tub store way back in 1984,” says President Daniel Harrison. β€œAnd we had a small mail order catalog business selling hot tub supplies as well. As soon as we all started hearing about this 'new' thing called the internet back in 1993, we just adopted it as a new way to reach out to more hot tub owners nationwide in order to offer our hot tub and spa supplies to a larger audience."

Once swimming pool supplies were added to the company's hot tub supply mail order catalog business in 1997, it changed the website URL to PoolAndSpa.com to better reflect the content and the products it was offering.

PoolAndSpa.com has now become the oldest and largest consumer website for the pool and spa industry, as the company continues to expand the site. With hundreds of millions of visitors, and tens of millions of dollars in sales, it has stood the test of time.

As for the website's plans in 2020, Harrison says, β€œWe just finished a 12 month project that involved moving and upgrading all of our web servers to the fastest back-end technology out there. We would put the speed of our site up against any other site."

"The online newsletter area of our site was totally redesigned in 2018, and we will continue to build that in 2020, adding a lot more content," continues Harrison. "I know the tech staff is always working on the mobile version of our site as well. The mobile component to the entire web experience is very important, with the worldwide adoption of smartphones and tablets. These will be areas we will be expanding on for 2020."

The site also offers a unique sponsorship program. Pool and spa manufacturers are invited to advertise on the website and can call the company toll free at (800) 876-7647.


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