Meet the 2019 Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy

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2019's Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy: Jim Hedlund

Advanced Spa and Pool
Hudson, N.H.

Like many pros in the pool and spa industry, Jim Hedlund's career is rooted in humble beginnings. He started at age 15 in the sales department of a local pool retailer, where he proved himself to be a quick learner — so much so that he was entrusted with developing a brand-new service branch for the firm. By 18 years old, he had launched his own construction company specializing in framing, roofing and siding homes. But throughout his career, he found he always had a soft spot for pool and spa service.

"Service is the reward," he says. "You can build a pool once, but you can service a pool over and over again and keep that customer for life."

(And he's not exaggerating when he says that — Hedlund still has clients that have stayed with him since he was 16.)

Hedlund's career is also evidence that if you want to grow, you need a strong support system. In 1997, he and his wife/ business partner, Diane, founded Advanced Spa And Pool, a full service retail, building and service firm. (And did so while she was pregnant with twins, to boot!) In the years since, ASAP has blossomed into a family business, with children Monique and James Jr. joining the firm; both are now well on their way to taking over the family business when the time comes.

"It's a team effort. My wife, my family, my staff — they all make us who we are," Hedlund says.

Looking at his resume, it's abundantly clear leadership is where Hedlund shines. In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership stints within APSP (now PHTA), he has proven to be a strong leader for his staff. He firmly believes in reciprocity in the business world and knows the more he pours into his team, the more they'll support him in turn.

"I'll admit hiring is hard. But when you do find someone, you have to treat them well," he says. "Pay is part of it, but it's really about investing in them. When you do that, they provide top-tier customer service, which keeps the company growing."

Given his dedication to giving back to the industry, his strong family support system and highly-educated staff, it's no surprise Hedlund was named this year's Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy.

"When I found out I won, I was really humbled," he says. "I would like to sincerely thank Pleatco for making this a possibility, the industry for all the resources they offer, my children for being the hard workers that they are and of course my wife — without her support, passion and hard work, we never could have achieved what we have."

A Round of Applause

In addition to the Pleatco Perfect Pool Guy and Gal accolades, Pleatco honored these four service professionals for their contributions to the industry:

Pleatco Community Leader Award
Katie Poppa
Irwin, Pa.

Pleatco Lifetime Achievement Award
Ed Zaborski
East Greenwich, R.I.

Pleatco Backyard Hero Award
Jay Crittenden
Union City, Tenn.

Pleatco Future Leadership Award
Kayne Zamorano
Phoenix, Ariz.


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